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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | How Should Accountants Upgrade Technology

When entrepreneurs think of Edmonton small business accountant, they may not think of an extremely technologically advanced career, however those accountants that embraced technology can actually ensure that they are providing and continuing to provide their clients with the best product and service possible. Since and accounting office is selling a knowledge-based product, is extremely important that they embrace technology whenever possible. Jim Collins, the author of the book good to great has said this about embracing technology, ìtechnology is important. You cannot remain the laggard and hope to be great. ì Therefore, entrepreneurs should be searching out accountants that have embraced new forms of technology and new ways of working in order to ensure that they are getting great products and services for the price that they pay.

Entrepreneurs often understand how important a great accountant is in their business. Edmonton small business accountant offices help entrepreneurs not only file their corporate financial statements, but the information that they get from their accountant helps them minimize their taxes and create business plans that they can use to grow their business. Information they get from their accountant needs to be timely as well as extremely accurate to be useful. Accountants that utilize a hourly fee, are put in a very interesting situation where if they work less efficiently for their clients, there able to build them more. The professionals at Spurrell and Associates disagree with that entire idea, therefore they charge their clients a monthly flat fee. This way, increasing efficiencies in their accounting practice is extremely important.

One way that the professional accountants at this Edmonton small business accountant firm increase efficiencies is by developing a great and collaborative workstation for their accounting team. Not only is every workstation able to fit a team of up to three accountants, but each of those computers at that desk has three monitors mounted up the wall so that all the team members can see it. Three monitors is extremely beneficial to accountant offices, because of the amount of information they need to be showing on the screen at all times. These three critical components needed to be looked at, mean that every accountant that has three monitors to look at can be especially productive. By having all team members be able to see what their working on, can allow for an extremely fluid collaborative team.

Another way that this Edmonton small business accountant office has increase their efficiencies, is by giving them extremely fast computers. While the average entrepreneur might not understand the benefits of an accountant having an extremely fast computer, the faster the accountants can pull up information, work on it, save it, can help them stay extremely efficient. Every hard drive in every computer is a solid-state hard, that plugs directly into the motherboard without needing a core. Not only do these computers able to process the information quickly, they also have a capacity of 2 TB. This means that they can store a significant amount of information on every computer, which can help them work fast.

Even though many entrepreneurs do not understand why, every Edmonton small business accountant that embraces technology in their business can increase their efficiencies and grow their business. The accounting professionals at Spurrell and Associates have developed extremely efficient workstations in their accounting office, to help increase efficiencies, and be able to service their clients even better than before. The reason this is important, is because as opposed to many typical accounting offices, Spurrell and Associates charge a flat monthly rate, which means it is extremely important that they work quickly and accurately.

By working in these collaborative workstations, entrepreneurs who come see these Edmonton small business accountant, they know that they will be assigned to an entire team people each team consists of two accountants who are articling, and their work is overseen by a chartered professional accountant or a manager of the office. Having a team of people to work on their files, entrepreneurs can be certain that their monthly fee is worth every penny that they pay for it. In addition to that, entrepreneurs should also understand that by having more than one person familiar with their file means that no matter what is happening in the office, their work is never missing a beat. This way, accountants can go on vacation, accountants can take a sick day, or even leave the firm and their work will not suffer. This kind of continuity should be extremely important to entrepreneurs, and put their minds at ease that they are going to have an extremely professional and efficient team.

By ensuring that these collaborative teams are having all of their work be reviewed by chartered professional accountants, entrepreneurs can also be relieved that they have someone who is going to be checking the work. In traditional accounting firms, once the students are no longer articling, there is no one else to review their work. That means only one set of eyes on all of the work, whereas at this Edmonton small business accountant office, Spurrell and Associates, they will have a minimum of three people reviewing everything at all times.

Not only is it extremely important for these amazing workstations to allow collaboration, but the computers and monitors themselves also have to be an extremely high level in order to ensure that entrepreneurs can work efficiently. It is not just important that they have three monitors and every workstation, but they are 42 inch high-resolution monitors. This will allow accountants to be able to see every detail of all of the information their working on. Since they are working a lot of numbers, it will allow them to be able to see very clearly all the numbers on the monitor and be able to work very efficiently.

By utilizing technology, even accountants can maximize their offices, and become extremely efficient at what they do in order to benefit their clients.