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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | How Quality Workstations Improve Accounting Offices

If entrepreneurs do not believe that technology is important to Edmonton small business accountant offices, they may be surprised to hear that just like any other business, technology is important. Jim Collins says it best, as he says in one of his six business books, ìtechnology is important. You cannot remain a laggard and hope to be great.î Entrepreneurs should seek out and accounting firm who understands that technology can help them work efficiently, which can help entrepreneurs have the best service, at a minimal price.

The workstations at Edmonton small business accountants Burrell and Associates are world-class. This allows them to be able to train top-level accountants and spend less time on tasks all while helping their clients get what they need to grow their business by helping them develop business strategies. The way they are set up, is by having each workstation built to handle three people. While to accountants in training can sit on the left and right side, and chartered professional accountant or manager can sit in the center console and can help train them, review the files they are working on, or oversee meetings.

The clients that go see Spurrell and Associates are assigned one team which means they will always be going to one workstation. Because clients are seen by an entire team of people, there is never a case of a client who is not able to get their file done because someone is on vacation or sick. By having multiple people familiar with files and clients, ensures that no matter what is going on, clients get uninterrupted service.

This training of new accountants is a large part of running a successful Edmonton small business accountant office. The reason for that is instead of hiring extremely high level and expensive accountants to work exclusively in their firm, spiral and Associates understands that by employing accounting students who have a variety of experience levels can help keep costs down and that savings is passed on to the clients who pay a flat monthly fee.

Not only is each workstation set up to sit three people, is also set up that each desk has three separate monitors at it. The reason why this is important, is because studies have been done to show the efficiency and accounting firm from one screen to two and two screens to three. Since accounting tasks have three critical components to them, accountants that utilize three screens can significantly improve their efficiency. The three screens that they use have a report on one screen, a journal entry on the second screen and the third screen has a supporting document showing why the accountant is making that entry. For example a bank statement, a receipt or an invoice. When accounting offices the use this three-screen approach, they can ensure that their accountants are maximizing their efficiency.

By ensuring that the accounting office that they use is maximizing their technology, entrepreneurs can be certain that they are going to be getting the best service for the money that they pay.

It may not be considered an important aspect of the Edmonton small business accountant offices, technology is actually a vital part of accountants being able to do their work efficiently. For a majority of the accounting firms who, they charge by the hour. This hourly rate means that they have no real reason to improve their efficiencies. The longer it takes them to complete a file, the more money they will be able to bill. Therefore, entrepreneurs should seek out since accounting offices that do not charge hourly. While this is difficult to find, the office of spiral and Associates charge a flat-rate monthly fee. No matter how long it takes them to complete working for the client, they charge the same amount. Because of this, they are driven to maximize the efficiencies in their office which can benefit their clients.

The workstations at Edmonton small business accountant Spurrell and Associates are world-class for a number of reasons. One of the best things about the computers that the utility is that they have to terabyte hard drives. It is important that each computer has the ability to store a significant amount of information. The reason for that, is because for every client that they have, they need to keep a lot of digital records. For example, every single receipt, bank statement, credit card statement, invoice to name a few for every single client and every single month, can add up to a lot of memory. By ensuring that every single computer has 2 TB, they can ensure that they can store a lot of information.

However, being able to store a lot of information will not help increase efficiencies if the hard drives are also slow. Therefore, Edmonton small business accountants Burrell and Associates have ensured that those hard drives are a solid-state drive which are faster than traditional hard drives. They also plug directly into the motherboard of the competitor without needing a core. This enables the hard drive to work extremely fast, and so pulling up information, making changes and saving documents extremely fast. This allows accountants to be able to store large amounts of information and processes it quickly, so that they can complete their tasks efficiently and as quickly as possible.

It is also extremely important that the monitors that they use are large and high-resolution. Each desk has 33 monitors that are 42 inches big. It is also important that those monitors are extremely high resolution. 4K is the resolution of all of the monitors in the office, which allows the accountants to put lots of information on the screen because the resolution will allow the accountants to be able to see small lettering easily.

Having great workstations, can enable the accountants at Spurrell and Associates to build to do their job quickly, in order to benefit the client.