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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | How New Technology Serves Accounting Clients

The way that typical Edmonton small business accountant firmís work, is that they charge hourly for all of the work that they do for their clients, and therefore there clients never know how much they are going to get build every month, and that means this lower these accountants work, the more they get rewarded with a large paycheck. This model no longer makes sense, as accountants tried to be competitive in order to get clients. In order to achieve that, they have embraced technology to increase speed, and done away with hourly billing. Gone are the days of entrepreneurs having to choose between which accounting service they want to pick from because they cannot afford to have their accountants work on other tasks. Now, with this one all-inclusive price, entrepreneurs can get all the accounting services done that they need in order to be successful in their business. For example, they can get their corporate year-end done, as well as great and efficient business planning to help them grow their business, as well as continuing to get the great tax planning that they need in order to pay minimal amounts of taxes.

The only way that having a flat fee work for Edmonton small business accountant offices, is that they work very efficiently. That way they can complete the tasks that they need for their clients quickly, and move on to their next client. This also benefits clients greatly, by allowing them to get their accounting done quickly so that they can use that information to grow their business and make better financial decisions. In order to be able to work very quickly in order to service their clients and help new ones, they need to upgrade their computers and work very quickly. Most accounting firms have embraced the cloud technology in order to be able to work anywhere, which means that there depending on the speed of the Internet where they are in order to be able to work quickly. Instead, if they upgrade their computers to be very large and very fast, they do not have to worry about Internet speed.

The Edmonton small business accountant firm of spiral and Associates have utilized to terabyte hard drives in their accounting firm, and every accountant that they have is able to work on an extremely large computer. This is important because there is a large amount of information for every single client that they have, that comes in on a monthly basis. However, having a large hard drive does not really mean anything if it is not fast. Therefore, they have ensure that they bought the fastest hard drive possible. It plugs directly into the motherboard without needing a core which makes it faster, they also ensure that all of the hard drives that they have purchased is a solid state drive, without that spinning disk in the middle, these hard drives can work extremely fast much like a cell phone. By having large computers that work very quickly, accountants can get through the vast amount of work that they have very very efficiently.

If business owners do not consider the importance of technology in Edmonton small business accountant offices, they should rethink this stance. All businesses that embraced technology can use that advancement to their advantage and accounting offices are no different. As Jim Collins, author of six books has pointed out in the past, ìtechnology is important. You cannot remain laggard and hope to be great.î By embracing technology they can ensure that there servicing their clients even better, giving them the information that they need faster so that they can use that information to increase their business, but by being able to work more efficiently for clients, become more in demand and popular.

One of the ways that they have been able to use technology in their accounting firms and upgrade technology to benefit their accountants and their clients, is by increasing efficiencies by increasing the number of monitors they have. This may seem like a really small change, but studies have been done to prove how much more to monitors are than one. This study saw the speed and various offices using one computer, and how that productivity made an exponential jump when they utilized to monitors. However, in the same study they found that using to monitors or three did not make a difference to almost all businesses. The only exception was accounting firms, who saw the same level of productivity leap using three computers into computers as on their offices saw going from one monitor to two. Because of this, they concluded that Edmonton small business accountant offices that utilize three monitors can ensure that their accountants are working exponentially faster than they would normally be able to.

Not only is it important that they have three monitors, but the way they are monitors are situated and the size of them is just as important to. By stacking them one on top of the other, it allows for a collaborative environment, everyone can see all the monitors clearly, and when collaboration is necessary, it makes it very easy. Therefore the size of them is also vital, 42 inch being optimum size, so that a large amount of information can fit on them, but also so that people can see them from a longer distance away so that they can collaborate. Also this Edmonton small business accountant office discovered that resolution was important as well. By having 4K resolution, there able to get a lot of text and small numbers on the screen without losing the ability to read it very clearly.

By creating and utilizing technology in this accounting office, they are able to increase efficiencies which made things a lot more efficient for their clients, which meant they can service more clients and help them even better than they previously were able to.