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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | How Embracing Technology Benefits Accounting Firms

Even though Edmonton small business accountant firms do not seem like the place for brand-new technology to take root, entrepreneurs are discovering that accountants that do embrace technology are able to service their clients much better, and at a savings to them. Jim Collins, who is the author of six various business books including the best seller good to great has said this repeatedly about technology, ìtechnology is important. You cannot remain a laggard and hope to be great.î By embracing technology in their accounting firms, accountants can change the way they do business, which can impact their profession, help clients even better than before, and change the face of their industry.

When way that accountants can embrace technology is by utilizing extremely fast and extremely large computers. While many Edmonton small business accountant offices are moving towards a cloud-based technology, the accountants and spiral and Associates are working away from that. The reason is because cloud-based technology relies on a fast Internet connection in order to work. Internet connections are not to the point where they are consistently fast, which means that every accounting office that utilizes cloud technology is at the mercy of the Internet connection. Also, if that means that the Internet is now, they cannot function. At Spurrell and Associates, they have utilized to terabyte hard drives for every single accountant in the office. Being able to hold a large amount of information is extremely important, because the the large amount of information that their clients send them every single month. They scan in every receipt, every invoice, every bank statement and every credit card statement. By doing this, the more clients they have, the more information are going to be receiving every single month.

However, having an extremely large hard drive does not necessarily mean they are going to be able to be more efficient at this Edmonton small business accountant firm, they also ensure that their computers can work exceptionally fast. By having a solid core hard drives, that means it has no rotating disc inside of it and it operates similar to peopleís cell phones, which means it can work extremely fast. They also plug directly into the motherboard which means that they work even faster. By having an extremely fast extremely large computer that is not reliant on the Internet, the accountants at spiral and Associates can ensure that they are working extremely fast for their clients.

While they are working on extremely fast computers, accountants at this Edmonton small business accountant firm are also ensuring that they can increase their speed by utilizing three monitors. Studies were done to see how effective increasing the monitors were in an accounting office to increase productivity and they discovered a large jump from one monitor to two in the productivity levels of their accountants. However they saw the same type of productivity jump when they went from two monitors to three. This city essentially proved that when accountants utilize three monitors, they can work faster than if they had to or one.

If entrepreneurs are not sure how technology can benefits businesses like Edmonton small business accountant offices, they should look no further than spiral and Associates who have utilized technology in their accounting practice to be able to service their clients even better. While many accounting firms charge their clients in hourly fee, accountants at spiral charge a monthly flat fee. This is beneficial to clients because they are able to get everything that they need for one predictable price. However, this means that accountants need to work extremely quickly, they can get the files done and move to the next client. This need for work has ensured that this accounting firm has placed an emphasis on speed and increasing technology in order to do so. Since many accounting firms Bill hourly, they have no benefits to working faster, so they are not motivated to upgrade their computers and work faster, but that is also why entrepreneurs should think twice about working with them. Taking longer, means that they do not get their accounting information as efficiently, and there unable to predict how much they are going to get charged.

One of the best ways that they discovered that they can increase their speed, is by working collaboratively. At this Edmonton small business accountant office, they have developed collaborative workstations that utilize the most up-to-date technology in order to service their clients very efficiently. By having to accountants assigned to every single client, they can ensure that accountants are working on the file as efficiently as possible, the fact that they have two people working on the same time means they get twice as much work done in half the time. In order to have this great collaborative workstation, they need to have monitors that can allow for collaboration. By stacking three monitors on top of each other, in front of each desk, it allows for a collaborative work environment when necessary, and even if the accountants are not collaborating, will be able to easily see what the other one is doing, meaning that it can be intuitive work as well.

The size and resolution of these computer monitors are extremely important as well, especially if they should be seen from the other desk. At this Edmonton small business accountant office, they have ensure that every single monitor that there accountants work on is 42 inches in size, and have 4K resolution. By doing this, entrepreneurs are certain that their team of accountants working hard and collaboratively for them. They have even done studies to prove how efficient having three monitors are for accountants, they discovered that it is extremely beneficial.

By emphasizing collaboration, and developing workstations that allow for easy teamwork, the accountants at spiral and Associates can ensure that they are developing world-class accounting services for their clients at the predictable flat monthly fee therefore they can get the best service for the best price.