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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | How Collaborative Workstations Work In Accounting Offices

Entrepreneurs should consider the importance of technology when choosing which Edmonton small business accountant they choose to work with in their business. The accountants at Spurrell and Associates decided to bring in world class workstations, in order to help train top-level accountants, help their clients develop strategies to give them a competitive edge, and spend less time on tasks that they could instead automate. By talking to the accountants at Spurrell and Associates, they were able to explain not only why they decided to bring in these world-class workstations, but how it has impacted their office.

The first question that should be answered when looking at their amazing workstations, is are they utilizing televisions or computer monitors? While I look incredibly impressive, and 42 inches per monitor, and three monitors per workstation, it can look like a giant wall of televisions. However, the Edmonton small business accountant at Spurrell and Associates say that they actually are monitors. The reason is that TVs are used for passive use while monitors are designed for active use. That is why when someone goes to use the Internet on their TV it is less responsive.

The next question that they had for Spurrell and Associates about their workstations, is what resolution are the monitors? While it may not seem extremely important that accountants have extremely high-resolution monitors, every single monitor at Spurrell and Associates has a 4K resolution. The reason that is important, is it will allow accountants to be able to pull up extremely detailed financial information and be able to clearly read all of the information.

The third question for Spurrell and Associates about their workstations, is how many people can sit at each workstation? These workstations are designed to hold three people, which is one team. So that teams can work collaboratively if necessary. The minimum amount of people per team is to, which will ensure the client does not miss getting serviced if one accountant get sick, is on vacation, or leaves the firm. This team approach can help clients to have great service, while allowing the accounting teams to be able to get trained up properly.

The fourth question is who is the one that sits in the middle of this three-person abreast workstation. The chartered professional accountant or the managers that work at this Edmonton small business accountant office will sit in the middle to help train these accounting workers who have not yet earned their chartered professional accountants designation. To be able to train them, review the files that they are working on to ensure accuracy, as well as oversee client meetings. This allows the accountants at Spurrell and Associates to review everything that these students are working on, so that they can provide a great service to their clients at a fraction of the cost if they were employing high level accountants that had already earned their degree. By doing this, the clients can get great service at a fraction of the price.

When entrepreneurs are able to embrace technology, and hire Edmonton small business accountant offices that do the same, they can ensure that they are getting the best value for their dollar. The accountants at Spurrell and Associates have developed these great workstations in order to utilize technology in their accounting firm. In order to find out how this has significantly impacted their business, there are several questions that they were asked to talk about their collaborative workstation.

Because they use collaborative workstations at this Edmonton small business accountant firm, a great question was is training a big part of running and accounting practice? The owner, Josh Burrell says absolutely this is paramount. Because the service that accountants offer is knowledge-based, the ability to train their staff members is vital. If an accounting office always only employed high level accountants all of the time, the final cost to the client would be astronomical. Therefore, being able to train accounting students who have not yet completed their CPA degree can help Edmonton small business accountant offices have great accountants, but at a fraction of the price. In return, the students are able to train in a world-class office, and gain valuable work experience and insight.

The next question for Edmonton small business accountant offices who have these world-class work stations, is why is every computer hooked up to three computer monitors? Studies were done to prove the efficiency between using two computer monitors instead of one, and the study showed an astronomical productivity increase. And for most businesses, the productivity dropped off after two monitors, meaning that more than two monitors were not any more productive than just two. The only exception to that rule was accounting offices. They found that adding 1/3 monitor actually increased the product if the level the same amount that moving from one to tooted. They discovered the reason for this, was because accounting tasks involve three critical components, and by allowing those three components to be showing at all times, can help accounting offices be extremely efficient.

The next question for Spurrell and Associates on what makes their world-class workstations so efficient is what is so special and unique about the hard drives that they use at this Edmonton small business accountant office? The hard drives that they utilize are extremely large and extremely fast. While most people will not understand, they use at every single workstation to terabyte hard drives that can hold an extremely large amount of information. This is extremely important, because as they require getting a large amount of information from their clients every single month, having a lot of space distort is extremely important. Not only are these hard drives large, but there also fast, they have a solid-state, that has no core. This means that the information can be pulled up very very quickly, which allows the accountants to be able to put the information up fast, make the changes and save them quickly so that they can increase their efficiencies get the clients the answers that we need as quickly as possible.