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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | How Can A Business Owner Create Leads

Business owners should view leads is one of the most important things that they can do to attract customers to their business says Edmonton Small Business Accountant. The reason why this is important, is because the number one reason why businesses in Canada fail, is because they were unable to find customers. By generating leads, business owners are addressing this failure of business owners, and hopes that they are not going to become one of the statistics.

However, it can be very difficult for business owners especially when they are brand-new in business to understand what they should do first. There are so many different marketing methods that they can use, that it can be very difficult. Therefore, business owners should sit down with their Edmonton Small Business Accountant and create a business plan that can help them succeed. In that business plan, there should be an effective marketing plan that walks a business owner through their first year of business, and step-by-step what marketing methods they can implement in their business that is going to allow them to create the largest number of leads possible.

They are likely to find that in that document, Edmonton Small Business Accountant will recommend that businesses first and foremost focus on generating Google reviews for their business. This should be done before they even create a website. And how they can start doing that, is by creating a Google places listing or Google my business page. Not only is this completely and 100% free. But it also will allow businesses to start appearing on page 1 of Google results. It is going to be right underneath the paid Google ads, and the map listings. Therefore, any customer who is searching for that sty a business, can very easily be found. In addition to that, they can start receiving Google reviews in their business.

Studies have been done that show that customers have the most confidence in businesses that have over forty Google reviews, and the same studies show that under forty Google reviews can negatively influence the customer away from a business. In fact, 88% of all customers no matter how they find a business will look at that businesses Google reviews prior to making a purchasing decision. Therefore, it can be one of the most important things that a business owner does, is generate as many as possible. All other marketing activities that a business owner is going to do is going to hinge on their ability to get the most in the shortest time possible. Edmonton Small Business Accountant recommends that businesses try to get a minimum of forty. Not only because that is the number that inspires the most confidence in customers. But also, that is the number that will start allowing businesses to rank higher in Google rankings. And it is the number that is going to allow them to start paying less for Google ads. Therefore, business owners should consider getting Google reviews as one of the very first and most important things that they can do to market their business.

Edmonton Small Business Accountant | How Can A Business Owner Create Leads

Business owners should focus on creating leads for their business as early on as possible says Edmonton Small Business Accountant. This can be extremely difficult to achieve, so business owners should focus on it very quickly. Not only that, but if they can focus on it early on, they can become very good at it, and avoid going out of business because they were not able to find enough customers.

However, it can be very overwhelming for business owner to train choose the first few marketing methods that they should implement in their business to generate leads. Edmonton Small Business Accountant recommends that business owners absolutely focus on the most cost-effective, if not free methods first. While a Google my business listing is free, and so is generating Google reviews, after that businesses may be confused as to the best places that they should look. Edmonton Small Business Accountant recommends that people next focus on creating HTML content for their website. This will help their website rank higher in Google listings, and give them even more exposure. By posting videos about their business on YouTube that are about ten minutes long, business owners are also capitalizing on the second largest search engine in the world which is YouTube. By posting these videos on YouTube, their website and transcribing those videos putting that transcription on their website, for every video they make, business owners are getting three pages of content. By doing this every week, business owners can significantly impact how many pages of content they can have, which is going to help them achieve a higher ranking on Google.

After they have gotten into the habit of creating HTML content, that is the time that they can start focusing on spending money on Google AdWords says Edmonton Small Business Accountant. If they do not maximize their efforts in Google reviews and YouTube videos first, they are not going to have as good an outcome on their Google ad spend. However, once they start advertising on Google, they need to ensure that they create a budget and stick with it. The effectiveness of their Google AdWords campaign is going to be on how consistent they advertise every single week, and how patient they are in generating results. It is important to note that people need to see an ad four point three times before they take action on it. Therefore, Edmonton Small Business Accountant says that business owners need to ensure that there giving their Google AdWords campaign enough time to let enough customers see it a minimum of four or five times in order to generate results. This start and stop method of marketing is not only going to be more expensive, but it is also going to be less effective and take longer to generate any results. Therefore, business owners who are interested in generating leads for their business should think of these first, so that they can have an effective marketing campaign and generate the most amount of leads possible.