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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | How Accountants Can Work Collaboratively Together

In traditional accounting offices, accountants work alone, and bill their clients on an hourly basis, however times are changing and this one Edmonton small business accountant has significantly impacted not only their accountants but their clients in changing the way they work. Spurrell and Associates have developed these collaborative team workstations, that allow for the efficient working environment, as well as allows their accounting teams to work collaboratively with each other in order to do better work for their clients. This has been a complete game-changer in this office, where the accountants, as well as their clients, are being able to enjoy the benefits of this new office is set up.

One of the things that makes this Edmonton small business accountant office so different than most, is that they charge their clients one monthly fee. This flat fee is the same for month-to-month no matter how much accounting gets done. For example, the same amount that they are charged in the month that they are getting their corporate year-end completed and filed is the same amount that they are charged on a month where they have no corporate year-end is to file. That means no matter how many times Canada revenue agency calls them, or they have to call CRA their bill stays the same. What allows this company to be able to charge one flat fee every single month, is the fact that they have been able to increase the efficiencies of their office exponentially.

One way that they have increased their efficiencies in the office of Sperling Associates, is by creating collaborative workstations. Instead of having their accountants work alone, these workstations can accommodate up to three team members. Every client that comes into the office gets assigned one team. This team, usually made up of two people are responsible for everything that that client needs to get done. One of the ways that this Edmonton small business accountant office helps manage to keep that monthly flat fee low, is by ensuring that there hiring students to work in these accounting teams. These students have an extremely high level of knowledge because they have completed their CPA schooling, but still need to engage in some articling in order to complete their designation. Therefore there already extremely knowledgeable, and they need the experience of working in an accounting firm. Sperling Associates are able to hire these students at a lower amount than they would have to pay someone who is completed their designation, and that third spot at the workstation allows the chartered professional accountant in the firm to help between them and review their files.

By working collaboratively within their office, this Edmonton small business accountant office is able to increase the efficiencies ensuring that there entrepreneurs are getting the best possible service for the price that they pay and that their accountants are able to work together and efficiently in order to get work done for their clients efficiently.

Business owners do not often think about how their Edmonton small business accountant is going to accomplish the task at hand, but there are some accountants in Edmonton that are radically changing how accounting works. The accountants at Spurrell and Associates are embracing technology, and changing the way they work in order to benefit their clients.

One of the most significant ways that they are changing the way they work in order to benefit their clients, is to be working in accounting teams. This means that for every client, there are two accountants that are assigned to work on their files. Having two people working on it at a time not only increases their efficiencies, but it can minimize errors, and allow them to bounce ideas off of each other as well as have two people assigned to talk to each client. Not only is this beneficial, but it can allow the entrepreneur to ensure that for the flat monthly fee that they are paying, even when one accountant goes on vacation or calls in sick, their files are getting work done. This level of continuity is vital in order to ensure that business owners get the financials that they need on a regular basis to operate their business.

Another way that working collaboratively in Edmonton small business accountant offices can benefit clients, is because when accountants work at these workstations that have their monitors visible to each other, everyone knows what everyone else is working on. It lends itself to more intuitive collaboration instead of trying to coordinate with each other to figure out who is working with what. When entrepreneurs seek out Edmonton small business accountant offices that work collaboratively, they can be certain that they are going to be getting extremely great service for the price that they pay. Because what an accountant provides to the business owner can help them operate their business, grow their business and minimize taxes, they should consider this extremely carefully when there hiring an accountant in their business.

When working collaboratively with each other, it is extremely important that accountants are also utilizing the most up-to-date technology to do so. While many entrepreneurs do not consider the speed of a computer important to an accounting office, that is mostly because accountants typically charge hourly, which means they get paid more the longer they take. However, this collaborative work method, it is extremely important that accountants can get things done quickly so that they can get the information to their clients as quickly as they need it. To accomplish this, the computers at Sperling Associates have to terabyte hard drive that is a solid-state and connects directly to the motherboard without needing a core. These extremely fast computers can ensure that accounting teams can work well together, fast get the information that entrepreneurs need in order to run their business and grow it. Entrepreneurs should consider hiring Edmonton small business accountant offices such as Burrell and Associates in order to get the best accountants they can for their business.