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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Helping Entrepreneurs Afford Business Plans

Cost should not be a barrier to entrepreneurs getting the business plan they need says Edmonton small business accountant. However, that is exactly what is happening if entrepreneurs are going to traditional accounting firms. For the most part, accounting firms charge an hourly rate for their business plans, which ends up with entrepreneurs not getting a business plan when they actually need one. The reason why, is because the businesses that need the most, struggling businesses are not able to get a firm upfront cost about how much a business plan is going to cost them. They hesitate at going ahead with the service that might cost them several thousand dollars that they cannot pay. Even though they know how vitally important a business plan is, they end up not getting one done for their organization.

The reason why struggling businesses need business plans says Edmonton small business accountant is because they needs to learn not just what to avoid doing, but also what they need to do. If they can learn common mistakes and how to avoid them, as well as they need to do in their business to grow and succeed. Statistics Canada says that 50% of all businesses in Canada fail by year 5 and the 3 main reasons are easily avoided with the business plan. Those reasons are not finding the right market for their product, running out of money, and not having the right team.

However, entrepreneurs should understand that there is an Edmonton small business accountant who is helping business owners succeed because they are not charging as separate hourly rate for business plans. Spurrell and Associates have been able to come up with a template that can ensure that not only are they coming up with business plans quickly, but had an extremely high level for their clients. Instead of standing by, watching clients that they worked so hard with make common mistakes and fail, they decided to create a template that will allow them to offer business plans to every single when clients.

Not only do the accountants at Spurrell and Associates not charge an hourly rate for their business plans, and included as part of the regular services. But the services that they offer are all completed for one flat monthly fee. Therefore, entrepreneurs can ensure they know exactly what they are going to pay every single month, and they can contact their accountant as many times as they want in that month to get all of the help that they need and not risk getting charged more money.

Entrepreneurs should understand how important getting a business plan made for their organization is, and then see the Edmonton small business accountant at Spurrell and Associates in order to get the help that they need and you succeed. business owners can plan for success, as long as they know where to go and what they needed. By doing this, they can increase their chances of success.

Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Helping Entrepreneurs Afford Business Plans

Entrepreneurs should understand that business plans are extremely beneficial to the success of their business says Edmonton small business accountant in fact, entrepreneurs apps have business plans are 50% more likely to grow their business then those who do not have a planned all. in addition to that task, half of all Canadian businesses fail within 5 years and for completely avoidable reasons. Therefore, entrepreneurs who do not take the time to go get a business plan are setting their business up for failure. In fact, 1 of the founding fathers of the United States of America Benjamin Franklin had famously said, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

There are 3 reasons why businesses should get a business plan. They are either brand-new or they are struggling and they need to learn what patients do to be successful, and what mistakes they should avoid. The second reason is businesses who need financing. Most financial institutions or banks require a business plan before they grabbed financing to entrepreneurs. And finally, any businesses that are making major changes such as extreme growth up to 50%. That kind of growth does not have by accident, an entrepreneur must be very deliberate and doing what they needs to do to affect that kind of growth.

Therefore, entrepreneurs need to understand how important it is to get a business plan made. However, most accounting firms charge by the hour, which can be very difficult to get an estimate on, and for struggling or new businesses, this is very difficult to commit to. They are not sure if they are going to end up paying a bill that has a couple hundred dollars on it, or if they are going to end up paying several thousand dollars. This uncertainty makes a lot of entrepreneurs avoid getting a business plan made. Especially if they are struggling, and finances are already stretched, they may not want to commit to an unknown bill.

Spurrell and Associates created a business plan templates so that they can offer this service much more economically than they previously could, and that most accountants can. They do this by creating an effective template for business plans. The reason why more accounting firms do not do this says Edmonton small business accountant, is because most professionals are against using templates, because they believe their job is too complex to be able to be templated or check listed. Unfortunately, this is not accurate as some of the most complex jobs in the world can be templated or check listed.

Not only can complex jobs templated, but a template helps anyone who uses a template perform at a higher level, because they can actually ensure all of the easiest parts of the process are automated, so that they can spend more time on the unique or difficult aspects of business plan, primarily the ones that cannot be templated. Edmonton small business accountant says that entrepreneurs who find that they need a business plan should contact Spurrell and Associates and get business plans made for their business right away.