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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Ensuring All Businesses Can Get Business Plans

A business plan is a vital to the success of all businesses says Edmonton small business accountant, that charging extra for business plans ends up ensuring that those that needed the most are not able to get the help they need. Benjamin Franklin, the founding father was famous for saying if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Businesses that have a business plan are 50% more likely to succeed and grow their business then entrepreneurs that do not have the business plan at all.

Even though all businesses can significantly benefit from business plans, There are three types of companies that need business plans the most. Businesses that are struggling and need to learn what they have to do in their business to avoid struggling. Businesses who need financing, often financial institutions will not lend money to businesses that do not have a business plan. And businesses that are planning on making major changes, or are planning to grow by a significant percentage like twenty, forty or 50%. That kind of growth does not happen by accident says Edmonton small business accountant, and requires precise planning.

Since businesses that are struggling can benefit the most from a business plan, they are also the businesses that are least likely to be able to afford to pay for a business plan from most accounting firms that charge an hourly rate. By charging hourly, and not giving the entrepreneur any idea on how much time it is going to take, many entrepreneurs do not seek this help, because they are afraid of thing charged with a bill that not only is difficult to pay, could even make things even more difficult for them, as they try and pay for a bill while there also struggling says Edmonton small business accountant.

That is why Edmonton small business accountant’s Burrell and Associates decided to stop charging their clients an hourly rate for their business plans. They already offer a flat monthly fee for all of the services for all their clients, and they just decided to add business plans into that flat monthly fee. This way, they would be able to help the clients that need to get the most without making things even more difficult for those clients.

The way that they are able to offer business plans and no additional cost, was because they found a way to make the process consistently quick as well as high quality by implementing templates. Edmonton small business accountant says this means that they are able to spend more time working on parts of the plan that takes a more brainpower, while automating the parts that required less thought. This bed up process means that they can offer high-quality plans included in their monthly rate.

With how important business plans are to entrepreneurs, using the Edmonton small business accountant’s Burrell and Associates, they will be able to get the information they need to grow and improve their business.

Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Ensuring All Businesses Can Get Business Plans

With how important business plans are to help entrepreneurs succeed, Edmonton small business accountant says charging entrepreneurs extra for this service was ensuring that those businesses that needed the service the most for the least likely to be able to get it. Therefore, spur a land Associates decided to change the way they did their business plans, so that they could offer it in their monthly fee, and allow all businesses access to this important information.

The way that is Burrell and Associates were able to offer business plans for no additional fee says Edmonton small business accountant was because they spent a significant amount of time creating a great template that they can use. What this does, is it allowed all of the accountants to be able to create business plans at a consistently high value very quickly says Edmonton small business accountant.

Many other accountants are very resistant to using templates for their business plans because they believe that because they went to school for so many years, they feel that template does not replace their work. However, Sperling Associates understand that templates do not replace professionals, they just enhance their work. In fact, emergency room doctors and pilots use checklists and templates that help them save lives in the emergency room, and land planes during disasters, that it is arrogance to consider accountants and entrepreneurs are not helped the use of templates and checklists.

Ten small business accountant also says that what the templates and checklists do, is it ensures that all of the variables that need to be considered do not have to be committed to memory, or be recalled instantly. This means that accountants can lose their brainpower thinking about truly difficult situations, and problems that cannot be templated or check listed, and allowing the more common scenarios to be addressed with that checklist.

House Burrell and Associates came up with their template, was looking at a variety of businesses, to see what the most common missteps that businesses make, and the most common solutions for those mistakes. By creating a checklist and a template around those problems and solutions, there able to come up with great business initiatives that many entrepreneurs do not already know about, that did not take a lot of time to figure out.

By understanding that a great business plan addresses so many variables and scenarios, and many of the solutions are things that are common solutions however business owners do not commonly know the man’s says Edmonton small business accountant. By creating this template, Sperling Associates are able to offer great business plans to all of their clients consistently, quickly, and at no additional charge.

Any business that is looking to grow, or avoid going out of business should consider going to accountant to get a great business plan, and by going to Sperling Associates, they not only can get that help an extremely high level, they can also get that help at no additional charge, allowing them to continue to grow and improve their business.