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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Does Improve Technology Matter To Accountants

When entrepreneurs think of Edmonton small business accountant offices, they probably are not thinking of extremely advanced technological offices. However, if accounting firms can embrace technology, they can radically change the way they service their clients. The author of six business books including best seller good to great, Jim Collins had this to say about embracing technology,î technology is important. You cannot remain a laggard and hope to be great.î If accounting firms are able to embrace technology, and consider changing the way they do business, they may discover that they are able to provide an improved product or service to their clients, and lead their industry towards change.

Most accounting firms charge their clients in hourly basis. Hire many accountants to work so low on files, and the more time it takes each accountant, the more money the accounting firm makes. This type of billing system rewards slow work, which means that entrepreneurs are never sure if the accountant is taking time because there file is difficult, or if they actually need all of the services that they say they do. This type of relationship is not so beneficial, and instead of allowing the Edmonton small business accountant work collaboratively with their business owner client, it puts them at odds with each other. At spiral and Associates, they are changing this model by moving to a flat monthly fee. This way, it does not matter how much work they do for their clients, they entrepreneur can anticipate and plan to pay that bill every month. That means that they are not trying to upsell unnecessary services, and entrepreneurs can no that to every thing that their accountant is doing for them is necessary. It means that business owners will not be afraid of getting charged more for picking up the phone and asking their accountant questions, or working collaboratively with them.

However, one of the things that they have discovered at this Edmonton small business accountant firm, that by charging a flat monthly fee, they need to emphasize speed. That not only have they discovered that by working in collaborative teams of two accountants per client, they can ensure that there developing a system that provides extremely high service to their clients but also very quickly. Two people working on one file means that the clients can get their accounting done twice as fast. Is this important so that they can get their clients the information they need as quickly as possible. Not only is it important to work in a team, but spiral and Associates have also discovered that having extremely fast computers can also help these teams of two accountants work very efficiently for their clients. Their accountant works on a need to terabyte hard drive that is a solid-state which means not only can it hold a lot of information, but it can work extremely fast.

By utilizing technology as well as collaboration, this accounting firm can provide increased service to their clients, at one predictable fee.

Even though entrepreneurs do not necessarily consider Edmonton small business accountant offices as a place that technology matters, there is one accounting firm that is proving that wrong. At spiral and Associates, the accountants are working in extremely advanced technological workstations that not only are extremely advanced, but allow for collaborative work. The combination of technology and collaboration has allowed the accountants to be able to deliver an extremely high level of service to their clients. Not only can they get a much higher level of service, but they can do that without charging them in hourly rate. By charging them a flat monthly fee, entrepreneurs can get more services than they ever thought possible, faster, and with the bill that they can anticipate and plan on in their business.

One of the ways that these collaborative workstations are different than other accounting firms, is that it allows three accountants to sit together at a time. While most clients are assigned a team of two, these two accountants forget that workstation collaboratively, working together to get the information accomplished for their clients. The third seat is reserved for chartered professional accountants who are overseeing their work, reviewing their files and overseeing meetings with clients. Having 1/3 eye on all of the work that they do, can ensure that clients are getting extremely great product and service that are accurate.

In order to have workstations that are collaborative, these three accountants that sits beside each other, also must be able to see each of their three monitors. Having three monitors per accountant is extremely important, because accountants need to be using three critical components in order to make every change in the journals. One monitor will have the reports on it, the second have a journal entry and third will have the bank statements, invoices or receipts from the client showing why that journal entry is being made. Because all accountants need to have three monitors, is collaborative workstations need to have the three monitors visible to all accountants. Therefore they are mounted one on top of the other, at an angle that allows everyone to be able to see each otherís screens.

The size of these monitors is extremely important as well, at this Edmonton small business accountant office. The three monitors are all 42 inches large, but are also extremely high resolution. At a 4K resolution, the monitors can hold a significant amount of information, at an extremely high resolution. The reason why it is important for accountants to have a high-resolution monitor, is so that they can put a lot of financial information, small text in small numbers and still have it be very clear when they read it.

By embracing technology, and be willing to change the way they do their business, these Edmonton small business accountant offices, are improving their product for their clients, and changing the way accounting offices work.