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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Do Accounting Offices Need New Technology

In order to choose a great Edmonton small business accountant, many entrepreneurs should consider hiring accountants that have upgraded their technology recently. While not a lot of people think immediately of accountants when they think of technological advances, but technology is extremely important to all businesses, and those that embrace it can lead the way in great advances, and efficient working environments. By allowing their technology to improve, accountants can develop new techniques and new work habits that can not only benefit the accountants themselves but provide better product service and experience for their clients.

While many accountants bill on an hourly basis, and therefore have no real desire to increase their efficiencies, by increasing efficiencies in an accounting firm, and moving to a monthly billing cycle, Edmonton small business accountant offices can help even more clients then before. By getting extremely fast and large computers, they can achieve this goal. While many accounting firms are moving more towards cloud-based technology, the accountants at Sperling and Associates are moving away from that. The reason is that the speed of cloud-based computing is directly related to the speed of the Internet. However, by allowing their accountants to use extremely large and extremely fast computers, they can increase their efficiencies in an amazing way.

At Sperling Associates, they have to terabyte hard drives on every single computer that every single accountant works on. That means it can hold a phenomenal amount of information. This is extremely necessary because for every single customer they have, they are receiving a large amount of files every single month. They need to keep all of the receipts, bank statements, credit card statements and invoices for each one of their clients every single month. But having a large capacity to store information does not mean a lot to accountants unless they can utilize that information very quickly. Therefore, they also ensure that their hard drives are solid-state so they can work much faster than typical hard drives that to have the spinning disk in it. The also plug directly into the motherboard, which means he can work even faster. Having these extremely fast extremely large capacity computers, they accountants in this Edmonton small business accountant firm can pull up information very quickly, make changes to it quickly, save it quickly and move on to the next document. This allows them to be extremely fast, so that they can get the information to their clients as soon as possible so they can use it to benefit their business.

When asked how they enjoyed working on their previous computers after working on these extremely fast rigs at Spurrell and Associates, all of the accountants said that working on their previous computer was slow and frustrating, like taking the bus after driving a sports car. In order for accounting firms to remain competitive, by focusing on speed of their task, they can ensure that there helping their clients get what they need as fast as possible, which puts them at a competitive advantage.

The reason why Edmonton small business accountant firms need to embrace technology, is because in order to remain competitive, they need to be changing the way they do business. While most accounting firms do not have any advantages to working faster, because they built hourly so the longer they take to work on a file, the more they get paid. While this marks for many accountants, entrepreneurs should seek out accounting firms that focus on speed, and getting the task done quickly so that business owners can use the information to help them run their business efficiently and effectively. Slowly, accounting firms that focus on speed and technology are making their accounting firms that Bill hourly less relevant.

In order to upgrade the technology to help them move even faster, the accountants at Sperling Associates ensure that there accountants work on fast computers and that every single computer has three monitors to work on. The reason why monitors is so important is because since all accountants need to be looking at three important documents any time they make any changes for their clients, by having those three documents visible at all times mean that accountants can do their job very quickly without switching back-and-forth. The documents that accountants need to have up on their screens are the report that shows how the changes that the accountants are making affect the balance sheets and income statements, the journal where they are making the entries on, and the third screen is the supporting document showing why the accountant is making that change. For example they might be bank statements or receipts. By ensuring every single one of their accountants is able to work on three monitors, they can ensure that they are working efficiently and effectively for their clients.

Not only is it important that they have three monitors, but they need to be large monitors so that they can have a large amount of information on the screen at any given time. And that those monitors are high-resolution, in order to be able to read small text and numbers very clearly. At this Edmonton small business accountant office called spiral and Associates, their monitors are all 42 inch, they will have four thousand resolution. By ensuring that they have the largest and highest resolution screens, can ensure that there accountants are working efficiently.

As Jim Collins, the author of six business books including best seller good to great has said repeatedly about technology, ìtechnology is important. You cannot remain laggard and hope to be great.î By embracing technology, these accountants are changing the way there industry is doing business, which benefits the clients. When entrepreneurs are looking for an accountant to work for them in their business, they should look for accountants that not only embrace technology, but also bill a flat monthly fee, instead of hourly. That way entrepreneurs can get a bill that they can plan and budget for and leave them with no surprises at the end of the month.