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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Collaborative Team Workstations

One way that Edmonton small business accountant is able to get so much work done, is by utilizing technology in their accounting firm. By utilizing world-class workstations in their accounting firm, it helps these accountants spend far less time on tasks that could be automated and more time helping clients. There is many things that should be taken into consideration when looking at these world-class accounting stations, that can set Spurrell and Associates apart from other accounting firms.

These workstations allow for three people to work collaboratively together, and each desk has three monitors stacked on top of each other. These computer monitors are 42 inches, and while they might look like TVs TVs will not allow for actively engaged work, TVs are slower and have a much lower resolution.

Edmonton small business accountant also ensures that the computer monitors not only are large, but they also have a large resolution. The monitors are 4K in resolution, because that will allow the accountants to maximize the amount of information that can be seen on the screen. A lower resolution means that they cannot get the detail of having characters, and means that the less accounting information that can be seen as time.

Because these collaborative workstations allow three small business accountants to work side-by-side, three people that are on the same team sits at each workstation, so that they can work collaboratively if necessary. This means that each client that comes in is assigned to one team and can sit with them at each workstation. This way it can ensure that no matter what happens to one accountant, there will be other people that are familiar with the file as well as familiar with the clients, that can take over if there sick, on vacation or have left the accounting firm.

In order to keep costs low at this Edmonton small business accountant, they hire workers who have completed their CPA degree, so they already have a high level of knowledge, but have not yet completed their three-year articling, allows them to be able to deliver a high level of service at a more affordable rate than accounting firms that employ all high-level accountants. Therefore, those who have completed their CPA degree but are working through their articling sit onto the left and the right-hand side, while at trained CPA or manager sits in the middle. This allows them to be able to help train the staff, review files and oversee important information. This way, they know that they can deliver a high level of service, that they have eligible people helping ensure that.

By allowing an extremely high level workstation, Sperling Associates can deliver an extremely high level of service at a cost lower than many accounting firms. As Jim Collins, the author of six business books has said, ìtechnology is important. You cannot remain the laggard and hope to be great.î By embracing technology, accountants can excel in their field.

One of the most important things that Edmonton small business accountant learned is that by embracing technology, they can be much more efficient, spend less time on tasks that do not need to take a long time, and in turn help their clients faster and easier. By developing great collaborative workstations for their accounting teams, they can ensure that they are working as efficiently as possible, so that they can maximize the amount of clients they can help, which will allow them to continue to charge one flat rate per month.

For every collaborative workstation that sits three accountants, every computer is hooked up to three monitors. The reason this is important, is because studies have been done to show the difference in productivity between one monitor to two. This study has shown that productivity level exponentially increases when using two monitors. The same study set out to see if there was exponential productivity shifts between two monitors and three or four, and this study was shown to not have any significant benefits to having more than two monitors for most businesses. However, for accountants, they discovered having three monitors increase the productivity level even more from 2 to 3. Therefore, when Edmonton small business accountant wanted it to set up a world-class workstation, they decided to have three monitors instead of two.

The reason why three monitors is so beneficial to accountants, is because the first screen should show the report on one screen, a journal entry on a second screen, and on the third screen a supporting document showing why they need to make that entry such as a bank statement, an invoice or receipt. Because Edmonton small business accountant requires three critical components in their documentation, three monitors are needed.

It is not just that these world-class workstations have three monitors, but they have extremely fast hard drives. The hard drives are to terabyte SSD hard drives which typically will mean nothing to most people, but what these hard drives are, are solid-state drives which means they can work faster than other typical hard drives. These hard drives also plug directly into the motherboard without needing a core, which makes it faster to access the information. Therefore these hard drives can hold a huge amount of information and bring up that information it very fast. The reason why this is necessary in Edmonton small business accountant firm, is because the sheer amount of information that each client brings in, think of all of the receipts, bank statements invoices etc. that each of the clients needs every single month, means that the larger hard drive, the more of their clients information they can store, and the faster the hard drive can connect, means the faster they can bring up that information to get their work done as fast as possible.

By utilizing extremely fast workstations, accountants can be sure that they are getting their work done faster, which can help their clients get the information they need as fast as possible.