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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Can Business Plan Templates Be Useful

Many entrepreneurs think of business plan templates as something free that they can download off the Internet says Edmonton small business accountant. Unfortunately, while there are many templates on the Internet that entrepreneurs can download, the most effective templates are created by professionals, who are going to use those templates themselves to help their clients.

Many entrepreneurs think that doing a business plan themselves is the only option they have, because they are unable to pay an accounting firm to create their business plan for them. The barrier is actually the cost, since most accounting firms charge an hourly rate for their business plans, and they generally are unable to give an entrepreneur and an idea on how many hours it is going to take. Businesses that are struggling, or are brand-new often are nervous about going ahead with something that they have annoying the of knowing how much the bill is going to be at the end of the day. Therefore, they think their only recourse is to the business plan themselves, and they download free templates.

These free business plan templates are not useful, often because they failed to address all of the variables that entrepreneurs need to consider in their business. However, most accounting firms do not templates their business plan process, because they think it is far too complex to template. However, Edmonton small business accountant says that entrepreneurs should understand that if emergency room doctors and pilots can use templates and checklists in their jobs, accountants, professionals and entrepreneurs can as well.

At Spurrell and Associates, they created their own business plan template to help them create business plans for their clients quickly but also at a very high quality says Edmonton small business accountant. This way, they could avoid charging companies an hourly fee, which means that cost was no longer a barrier for entrepreneurs looking at business plans. They save enough time with the template, that they are able to offer this service at their monthly flat rate.

They created this business plan template over several years of work, constantly refining the process to ensure its addressing all of the important aspects of the business. They started this template by making a list of the most common mistakes, errors and challenges that entrepreneurs face. Edmonton small business accountant said they then made a list of good business initiatives that can address or reduce these problems. This way, they ensure that they could help their businesses overcome common problems, which allow them to stay in business longer. By being in business longer, they could then work on the initiatives to help them be more successful and grow their business.

Any entrepreneur who has discovered that they need and business plan for any reason should contact the Associates at Spurrell and Associates to inquire about how those business plans can help their business. By getting a business plan, entrepreneurs are 50% more likely to succeed and if they do not which is the best reason to get a business plan at all.

Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Can Business Plan Templates Be Useful

1 of the problems that entrepreneurs face according to Edmonton small business accountant is they know they need a business plan, they cannot afford one. Just as Benjamin Franklin, who is 1 of the founding fathers of United States was famous for saying, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Entrepreneurs that have plans are 50% more likely to succeed and grow their business and entrepreneurs without. Therefore, it should be 1 of the top priorities for entrepreneurs to ensure that they not only have a business plan, but that they are following it and updating it on a yearly basis.

The reason why entrepreneurs are unable to pay for their business plans, is because most accounting firms charge an hourly rate for their business plans. The reason why this is barrier, is because without being able to give entrepreneurs an idea of how many hours it will take to complete, entrepreneurs do not want to commit to a service that they do not know if they can afford. Since many entrepreneurs that need a business plan the most are struggling, this often means that they are financially struggling as well, and more likely to be very aware of costs, and want to avoid getting charged and amount that they cannot afford.

However, the Associates at Spurrell and Associates have created an extremely good business plan template. Edmonton small business accountant says this template can ensure that they create business plans efficiently as well as effectively. Therefore, they are able to get business plans done faster, so that they can actually stop charging an hourly rate for their business plans. How they make this work, is by giving all of their clients a business plan by ensuring that every single 1 of their clients has a business plan, they can ensure that the clients that they are working with our doing everything that they can to not only avoid problems but grow their business as well.

Edmonton small business accountant says by developing their own business plan template, they ensure that they can automate the processes that they can, so that they do not have to start the business plan process from scratch every single time. Not only does this save time, but it also frees up accountants critical thinking skills, so that they can use the template to answer the easiest questions, and then spend more time doing a deep dive into the more challenging problems that cannot be answered with the template.

If any business owners are out there thinking that business plans are out of their reach, should contact the Edmonton small business accountant at Spurrell and Associates in order to see how they can get the help they need to get the document required to be successful in their business. By doing this, many more entrepreneurs should be able to succeed than ever before.