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Edmonton Small Business Accountant | Accountants Embracing Technology

While not a lot of people think of the Edmonton small business accountant offices when they think of technologically advanced organizations, however all companies that are able to embrace technology can use that information to update and grow in their own business. As Jim Collins, the author of six books has been known to say, ìtechnology is important. You cannot remain a laggard and hope to be greatî. Even accounting firms can become great by embracing the changing technology and using that in their accounting firm to benefits their clients.

1 Great Way that accountants can embrace and upgrade their technology, is by ensuring that they have extremely fast computers for their accountants to work on. The reason why this is not typically done by most Edmonton small business accountant offices, is because they bill their clients on an hourly basis. This means there is no benefit in it for them to work efficiently. However, the accountants at Sperling Associates bill their clients on a monthly fee, regardless of how much accounting needs to get done in that month. Therefore they understand the benefits of working efficiently. Because of that, they have outfitted every single one of their accountants with a computer that has a 2 TB hard drive. Not only is it extremely large in order to hold the extremely large amount of information that accountants get from their clients on a monthly basis, but it also needs to be fast so that they can work efficiently. Each one of those computers has a solid-state hard drive, which means it is faster than the hard drives that have the spinning disk in it. Also, they have ensured that this hard drive plugs directly into the computer’s motherboard without requiring a core. What this does, is it makes the computer able to process information even faster. Therefore, all of the computers that all of the accountants use at Sperling Associates are able to work extremely fast, allowing accountants to complete their tasks much faster.

In addition to extremely fast computers, every accountant also has three monitors. Edmonton small business accountant have heard about a study that shows the productivity level and offices when they moved from one computer monitor to two computer monitors. The study showed that the productivity level of those businesses increased exponentially. The same study wanted to see how much adding 1/3 monitor increased efficiencies and discovered that it did not increase the productivity any more than just having a second one for any business except accountants. The Associates at Sperling Associates understand this, because for every accountant to work on a task, they need to have three components visible at all times: a monitor showing the report on one screen, monitor showing the journal entry that they are changing on a second screen, and the supporting document showing why they are making that journal entry on the third screen. This document can be something like a receipt for a bank statement. But these three items need to be present for accountants to do their job efficiently, so having three monitors can ensure that Edmonton small business accountant are working as efficiently as possible.

Embracing technology does not always mean upgrading computers, but Edmonton small business accountantís Burrell and Associates has not only upgraded the technology of the computers that their accountants use, but they also have updated the workstations that their accountants use. These workstations are world-class and allow for extremely easy collaborative teamwork. This teamwork allows accountants to work for their clients in a different approach than other accountants, that can help increase their efficiencies, ensure that they are getting up-to-date and correct accounting information to their clients.

These world-class workstations at Spurrell and Associates sit three people at a time, and while most of the accounting teams in the office have two people, the third computer will allow for chartered professional accountants or office managers to sit at the workstation in order to help train the staff, review their files or help with client meetings. It is extremely important to this Edmonton small business accountant that they are able to work collaboratively in order to ensure that the clients are benefiting.

One of the reasons why it is important to have third spot for a chartered accountant or manager to review the work, is because in order to be able to afford charging their clients one flat monthly fee, these Edmonton small business accountants offices employee accounting students. They have completed their degree, but they have not yet gotten their professional designation. They still need to have three years of articling before they can have their designation. The hiring these high-level and very knowledgeable students, they can ensure that there keeping their costs lower, and they are able to utilize their world-class workstations to train the accountants in their firm. This is extremely beneficial not only to Sperling Associates but to their accounting employees and their clients.

By working collaboratively, business owners can be certain that their tasks are not getting forgotten about for their monthly fee. Even if one of their accountants goes on vacation, or calls in sick, they understand that because there is more than one person who is familiar with their file, they can still continue to get all of their this is very accounting done on a regular basis. By ensuring that they are working with the team, business owners can ensure that they are never missing out, and they always have someone that has their best interest at heart.

By working with Edmonton small business accountant offices in such as Burrell and Associates, entrepreneurs can benefit from this accounting firm who is embracing technology and changing the way they work, in order to increase efficiencies and benefit their client. Collaborative work can increase the accuracy of the accounting information that they provide to their clients, as well as allow them to benefit from being able to anticipate their accounting bill every single month.