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Edmonton CPA | Why Google Reviews Are Important


Business owners should not underestimate the importance of Google reviews when they open their business according to Edmonton CPA. Is because they can benefit a business in a few different ways.

One of the first things that Google reviews will do for business. As allow them to start ranking higher in Google search engine results. So that more customers will be able to find them when they do a search.

However, business owners need to know that they should aim for getting a minimum of forty Google reviews says Edmonton CPA. In order to start ranking higher in these organic search engine results.

However, once they do have forty reviews. They can also enjoy Google AdWords prices at a lower rate. Then they could before they had forty Google reviews.

So that when businesses are ready to start paying for online advertising. It is going to help them get more for their advertising dollar. If they have forty reviews in their business first.

However, this is not the only benefit of having Google reviews in their business. Edmonton CPA says a study has shown that 88% of all customers who make purchases.

Look at the Google reviews of the business before purchasing those products and services. And what is more important to take note of. Is that those Google reviews will influence their purchasing decision.

Therefore, business owners need to have enough Google reviews. To inspire confidence in those potential customers. To purchase products and services from that business.

The minimum amount of Google reviews a business owner should have. In order to inspire confidence in their customers is forty. And under forty, potential customers may decide to go elsewhere.

The reason why that number is forty according to CPA. Is because it may be perceived as easy to get under forty reviews. Or that those reviews are solely from friends and family of the business.

While getting forty reviews or more. Is something that is seen subconsciously by customers as an achievement. And something that can help them feel confident about buying products and services from that company.

Therefore, since one of the largest reasons why businesses struggle. Is because they are unable to find customers to sell their products and services to.

Getting Google reviews quickly in a business. Not only can help them find more customers, because they will appear in more search results. When customers do a Google search.

But also, it can help businesses convert those people into customers. So that they can sell more products and services and increase their revenue.

In order to start getting Google reviews. Etrepreneur’s simply need to set up their oogle my business page, or Google places listing. Which is absolutely free for all entrepreneurs.

Once they have this listing done, they can start getting ranked in the Google map listings on the first page of Google search engine results. So that they can start getting found by more customers.

As well, they can start converting those people searching for them into paying customers. Is that business owners can avoid having lack of revenue as a problem in their business.

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Many business owners may not understand how important Google reviews are to their business says Edmonton CPA. But it is actually one of the first steps of a complete marketing strategy.

In fact, Edmonton CPA recommends getting forty Google reviews in the business. Before any other marketing methods. Including paying for an expensive website.

The reason why business owners should not worry about getting a website first. But instead spend the time and energy getting forty Google reviews or more.

Is because not only will a website cost an entrepreneur a lot of money. That they may not have, because all entrepreneurs are pressed for cash when they start.

And since Google my business listings and Google places are completely free. They can give a business on online presence. Where they can post pictures of their products, their address and phone number.

As well as have a list of all of their services and the Google places listing will allow them to be found on the first page of Google searches, in the map listings.

Therefore, having a Google places listing can be more financially responsible than a website. However, Edmonton CPA says websites are not going to help. Until a business can start ranking higher in Google search results.

Which is why it is not so beneficial to have a website. Especially if people cannot find a business. In order to go and visit their website from.

Getting Google reviews can help a business owner rank higher in the organic search results. Because due to the Google algorithms. They want to have or relevant websites rank higher.

And the more Google reviews a business has, the more the algorithm sees them as or relevant to other people looking for similar businesses. And help them get higher listing.

The goal will be for businesses to appear on the first page of Google search results. Because if they are not on the first page, Edmonton CPA says they might as well not be there at all.

Because customers will never go to other pages. In order to find what they are looking for. Therefore, getting a higher number of Google reviews. Can help an entrepreneur get on that coveted first page.

The reason why this is the important first starting block of a marketing strategy. Is because all other marketing strategies are not going to work as efficiently. If a business does not have forty Google reviews in their business or more.

Whether the marketing strategy is to use flyers, cold calls, or even word-of-mouth referrals. Customers are going to do a Google search before they purchase from that business.

And if they cannot find them, or if they do not have enough Google reviews. They are not going to convert into customers.

Therefore, getting Google reviews is an extremely important first marketing step in a business owner’s strategy. That can help them overcome the obstacles they face in business.