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Edmonton CPA | Why Getting Google Reviews Is Necessary


Many business owners may not realize how important getting Google reviews is to their business according to Edmonton CPA. However, not being able to find enough customers is the number one reason why businesses fail.

Often, business owners take their financial statements. And go to their accountant. Looking for help on how to minimize expenses. Because they are not able to cover all of their bills in their business.

However, when this is the scenario. Is business owners need to understand that their problem is typically not out-of-control expenses. But instead, a lack of revenue problem.

Therefore, when entrepreneurs find that they are having a hard time making ends meet. They should look at what they can do to increase the revenue of their business first.

One of the most important things that any business owner should do. In order to generate more revenue for their business. Is increase the number of Google reviews they get.

If they currently have at all. Edmonton CPA says the very first thing that they should think about doing. Simply getting Google reviews in the first place, so that they can start attracting customers.

The reason why Google reviews is the first place that Edmonton CPA recommends entrepreneurs start. Is because 88% of all customers look at Google reviews in order to make their purchasing decisions.

Therefore, the overwhelming majority of customers who use it Google reviews. In order to guide their purchasing decision. Should influence business owners to get a Google my business page.

Not only is a Google my business page absolutely free. But it will allow business owners to not just start getting Google reviews for their business. But it will allow them to start showing up on the first page of Google reviews instantly.

They will show up on the map listings, which is right below the Google paid ads. And ahead of the organic search results. Making this an extremely important way to get noticed.

A Google my business page will also allow an entrepreneur to be able to put things like photos, business hours, address and phone number. And this page is absolutely free for all business owners.

The next thing that a Google my business page will do. Is allow an entrepreneur to start getting Google reviews in their business. And the reason why this is beneficial. Is to attract customers.

Since 88% of all customers who make purchasing decisions. Use Google reviews to influence those purchasing decisions. The more Google reviews a business has, the better.

If a business does not have Google reviews, or even a Google my business page. They might be seen as an illegitimate business. Were not serious or good at what they do.

Therefore, getting a Google my business listing legitimizes a business. And it also allows them to start getting Google reviews. So that they can start appealing to those 88% of customers.

Once an entrepreneur gets the and number the number of Google reviews an entrepreneur should aim for. Is forty to start. But they need to ensure that they are continuing to get more Google reviews. For the life of their business.

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If there is one thing that an entrepreneur can do to increase their revenue says Edmonton CPA. That is getting as many Google reviews as possible for their business.

The reason why Google reviews are so important. Is because an overwhelming majority of all customers. Look at Google reviews in order to influence their purchasing decision.

The number of Google reviews that an entrepreneur should have. Is forty to start says Edmonton CPA. For a couple of different reasons.

The first reason why an entrepreneur should aim for forty Google reviews. Is because that is the number of Google reviews needed. In order to appeal to customers.

Getting less than forty Google reviews could look to potential customers. As though the business is either not very good at what they do. Or are still very new at what they do and are not yet good.

They might perceive under forty Google reviews as something that is fairly easy to get. Or something that they got by asking friends and family to leave reviews.

This may not be the case at all. But it is the perception of customers. Which is why entrepreneurs should aim for forty Google reviews. Because forty reviews is much harder to get.

And less likely to be considered family and friends. And more like they would be legitimate reviews from other customers. Which is why forty is the amount businesses should aim for.

However, Edmonton CPA says there is another reason why business owners should aim for forty Google reviews. And that is because it will help the Google algorithm.

And help rank the business higher up in Google reviews. Then if they had less than forty reviews in their business. Therefore, getting to forty reviews. Means that they are likely to attract more customers.

And, once an entrepreneur gets to forty Google reviews. They will get a discount on Google ads. Which means it will cost them less money. To advertise their business To potential customers.

As well as have an easier time attracting those customers. Because they will look at how many Google reviews an entrepreneur has. And use them for business, because they have confidence.

It is also very important to note. That the faster an entrepreneur gets these Google reviews. The faster they are going to be able start generating revenue for their business.

But they need to ensure that they are continuing to get Google reviews. So they need to get into the habit of asking customers. Reminding customers that they need to leave a Google review.

And never stop asking. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake. Of thinking that they are going to ask all of their clients once. And they will all give a Google review.

By understanding that they need to be persistent. Can help entrepreneurs get their clients to leave them reviews they need. To attract more customers to their business. Doing this, business owners can attract the revenue they need to stay in business.