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Why Getting Google Reviews Is Important | Edmonton CPA


Google reviews does two things for an entrepreneur according to Edmonton CPA. Which is why it is so important for entrepreneurs to focus on this early on in their business ownership.

The first thing that Google reviews will do. Is help an entrepreneur rank in Google search engine results. And when they get to forty Google reviews. They will be able to rank higher in search engine results.

Then they did before they got to forty Google reviews in their business. So it will help customers be able to see them more easily. When they get to forty Google reviews at a minimum.

But also, Edmonton CPA says getting Google reviews can also help. Because 88% of customers to make purchases look at Google reviews and consider them in their purchasing decision.

Therefore, if a business owner does not have forty reviews in their business yet. They are not ranking as high on Google search engine results as they should.

But at the same time they are also potentially having customers visit their website, or their Google business page. And not decide to purchase from them because of the lack of reviews.

Even before business spends a lot of money on a website. And before they start buying online advertising. Edmonton CPA recommends entrepreneurs getting forty Google reviews.

As well, business owners will get a better price on Google ads. If they purchase ads after they received forty Google reviews in their business or more.

Therefore, not only will it help them rank on search engine results. And help customers make a purchasing decision to buy from them instead of their competitors.

But it will also help entrepreneurs get a better price on their online marketing price. When they purchase Google ads. As part of their marketing efforts in their business.

In fact, this is something that businesses should do as early on as possible. Because this will help them find the customers they need. In order to actually grow their revenue in their business.

And the number one reason why businesses fail. According to industry Canada. Is because they are unable to find customers for their business.

Therefore, by generating as many Google reviews as they possibly can. They are helping overcome the number one reason for business failure in Canada. By being able to find more customers.

In fact, many business owners will look at their financial statements. And see that they do not have enough money. And think that the problem is that they need to cut their expenses.

And while cutting expenses sounds like something that is incredibly beneficial. If business owners are not making enough money in the first place. Cutting expenses will only do so much.

Therefore, business owners should increase revenue if they are facing financial difficulties. By being more likely to find more customers, and make more sales in their business.

The sooner business owners can do this, the more likely they will be at finding more customers. And generating the sales they need to stay in business.

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There are several things that business owners need to keep in mind when they open the doors to their business for the first time says Edmonton CPA. Which may leave them wondering what is the most important thing to do first.

Edmonton CPA would recommend that getting as many Google reviews. As quickly as possible to be one of the most important things that they can do.

Because that will help them rank higher on the goal search engine results. And it will also help customers make the decision. On whether they should purchase from that business or not.

Business owners typically want to see that a business has about forty Google reviews. In order to impact their purchasing decision positively. And let a customer purchase from that business.

The reason why they want to see a minimum of forty reviews. Is because under that number. It is likely that an entrepreneur had their friends and family give them Google reviews first.

Therefore, over forty is much more difficult to get. And seen as customers as an increased likelihood. That those reviews are from real customers instead of friends and family.

However, Edmonton CPA says that the perception that customers have. They getting forty Google reviews is difficult. Is absolutely true, and is the reason why.

Many business owners do not have forty reviews in their business. And while it may be very tempting for business owners to give up on this goal. It can make a huge difference in their business.

And business owners should get into the habit of ensuring that they are getting as many Google reviews as possible. Not only so that they can get to forty Google reviews in their business.

But that they can continue getting forty Google reviews. To help them continue ranking high in Google search engine results. And continuing to find customers.

The best way for business owners to get Google reviews. Is simply to ask their customers. However, asking once is not necessarily enough. And they need to get the habit of asking multiple times.

And when entrepreneurs are new. They may find it very beneficial. To exchange work for Google reviews. Or to give a discount on the price for Google reviews.

They can also come up with the script to help their staff ask every customer. At the end of the transaction. To leave a Google review. So that they can get as many as possible.

Once they have forty, it is recommended that they get about one a month indefinitely. That way, a customer will see that several months have elapsed since the last Google review.

Business owners need to know that getting forty Google reviews is not easy. But because it is not easy. It is something that not a lot of people will do in their business.

Which is an important way how business owners can stand apart from the competition. If they have more than forty Google reviews. And none of their competitors do. They are more likely to drive customers to their business.