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Edmonton CPA | Why Getting Google Reviews Is Crucial


There are many challenges that entrepreneurs face in business says Edmonton CPA. And most of the problems challenges and there are many things that business owners can do. To help them overcome those challenges. Even before they encounter them.

This is why it is very important for entrepreneurs to find a good Edmonton CPA that will help them create a business plan. This business plan can help them create a blueprint.

That they will then use to help them achieve their goals. As well as overcome some of the most common reasons why entrepreneurs struggle in their small business in Canada.

According to industry Canada, 15% of small businesses in Canada fail within the first year of doing business. And 30% fail within their second year of business ownership.

50% of all small businesses in Canada will eventually fail. They will fail within five years of opening the doors to their business. And while there are very many challenges that all entrepreneurs face.

One of the most common reasons why entrepreneurs fail. Is because they are unable to find customers. To sell their products and services to. Causing 42% of all failed entrepreneurs to go out of business.

Therefore, if not being able to find enough customers. It is most common reasons why entrepreneur’s fail. They need to create a plan. What they are going to do to find more customers in their business.

This is where Edmonton CPA says Google reviews is important. Because 88% of all customers. Look at a businesses Google reviews. And that influences their purchasing decision.

The number of Google reviews that an entrepreneur should have is forty. Because forty Google reviews inspires confidence in customers. And they are more likely to purchase from a business.

With forty Google reviews then purchase from a business who has less than forty reviews. By doing this early on in an entrepreneurs business. They will be better able to convert those people looking.

For various products and services into customers. Because they will feel confident in the ability to get it done correctly. With companies that have forty Google reviews or more.

How an entrepreneur should go about getting Google reviews. Is setting up a Google my business page, or Google places listing. Which are completely free for all businesses.

This page will allow entrepreneurs to put pictures of their business, as well as their products. Put their business hours, their location, and even a list of services. All for absolutely free.

In addition to being free, it will allow business owners to start getting Google reviews as soon the page is up and running. As well as allow the business to start getting searched by Google, and ranking on the first page.

How it will show up on the first page. Is in the map listings. Which is above the organic search results. And can help entrepreneurs get noticed. And help entrepreneurs get Google reviews.

Getting forty Google reviews can be challenging. Which is why business owners need to start generating these reviews as quickly as possible so that they can grow their business.

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If business owners want to do one thing to increase their business says Edmonton CPA. That one thing would be getting Google reviews.

88% of all customers. Who make purchasing decisions whether online or off-line. And the same study that determined that 88% of all customers look at Google reviews to make their purchasing decision.

Make a favourable decision when an entrepreneur has forty Google reviews or more in their business. This could be because getting less than forty reviews. Is seen as an easier task.

And it is true, entrepreneurs will have to work very hard at getting Google use in their business. Which is why they should come up with a template. And train all staff members on asking for reviews.

One of the most important things to consider says Edmonton CPA. Is that entrepreneurs and their staff are going to have to ask people to leave Google reviews consistently in order to get them to leave the reviews.

Asking just once will not ensure that everybody who is asked will leave a Google review. So business owners need to ensure that their staff are all asking for reviews to ensure some do.

But also, business owners may find a lot of success. In offering customers a percentage off their bill. In order to leave a Google review. Or they will offer services in exchange for reviews.

Which is very helpful for new businesses, when they are just starting out. To get to forty Google reviews as quickly as possible.

Some people think that they may be able to bypass getting Google reviews. And think that if they have a really fantastic website. That they do not need to get Google reviews in their business.

And while a great website can be beneficial. Nobody will see the website. If they are not able to rank on the first page of Google. Especially since people will not go past the first page of Google. To find what they are looking for.

Therefore, having a website will not make up for getting forty Google reviews in a business. And in fact, Edmonton CPA recommends not getting a website done. Until forty reviews are achieved.

The next thing that people often believe. Is that they can bypass getting Google reviews if they buy Google ads. Because that way, they will get on the first page of Google.

However, this is not effective either. Simply because even if they can drive traffic to their business. Using Google ads. They are not likely to convert customers into purchasers. If they do not have forty Google reviews.

Because they will go to the business, see that they have under forty Google reviews. And will go elsewhere. Therefore, it will cost an entrepreneur money. In order to not generate more business for themselves.

It is very important that business owners get as many Google reviews as possible. And the faster they do that, the more revenue the right to be able to generate in a shorter amount of time.