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Why Getting Google Reviews Is Beneficial | Edmonton CPA


It is very important for entrepreneurs to understand how important Google reviews are says Edmonton CPA. And no matter what they have planned for sales and marketing.

Those efforts can be helped by getting Google reviews. However they minimum threshold that business owners need to aim for to be beneficial. Is forty reviews at a minimum.

The reason why Google reviews are so beneficial. Is because the more reviews that an entrepreneur has. The higher they can get ranked in the organic Google search engine results.

Because the more reviews they have, the more the Google algorithm. Will consider the content of their website relevant to people who are doing the search.

So business owners will be of the get Google ranking by increasing the number of reviews they get. And once they receive a minimum threshold of forty Google reviews.

They will get a cheaper rate with their Google ads. Which means they will be able to advertise just as effectively but for less money. Or advertise more for the same amount of money.

Then they would if they did not have forty Google reviews in their business. However, Edmonton CPA says that getting Google reviews is difficult. Requires dedication, a system and consistency.

Business owners should create a script for their staff to use. Every time they have a customer in their business. And at the conclusion of the transaction. Ask those customers to give a Google review.

Some entrepreneurs even offer a slight discount off the total bill. If customers will agree to giving them a Google review. To increase the number of people that are reviewing them in a short amount of time.

Even businesses, there trying to get to the minimum threshold as quickly as possible. Often are trading services for Google reviews. Just so that they can get as many as possible in the shortest amount of time.

No matter what type of marketing they utilize. It will be significantly helped by getting a minimum of forty Google reviews. And that is because 88% of all customers.

Make their purchasing decision by looking at the Google reviews of a business. Whether they find them online, through a flyer sent through the mail. Door knocking, or cold calls.

Any time a customer hears about business. And they are contemplating doing business with that company. They will go online and do a Google search. In order to find how many reviews they have.

And use those reviews to influence their purchasing decision. Therefore, no matter how a business owner is planning on advertising when they first open the doors to their business.

They are going to be helped by generating as many Google reviews in their business. In doing that as quickly as possible, so that they can convert as many customers into buyers as possible.

By doing this, Edmonton CPA says that they will more likely to generate the revenue they need to stay in business. And avoid being one of the 42% of failed entrepreneurs. That were not able to find enough customers in their business.

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If business owners do not have Google reviews in their business, Edmonton CPA says they may have difficulty increasing their revenue. In fact, not only do half of small businesses in Canada fail.

But 42% of all failed small businesses. Say the reason why they were not successful. Is because they were unable to generate enough sales in their business to succeed.

This is why it is so beneficial. For business owners to get as many Google reviews as possible. And to do that as quickly as they can in their business. So that they can help increase their sales.

One of the things that happens when an entrepreneur gets a minimum of forty Google reviews in their business. Is that they are going to start ranking higher in the Google organic search results.

Because they are content will be seen as more relevant. Because of the higher number of reviews in their business. Therefore, it can help business owners find more customers by getting more reviews.

As well, business owners will be able to advertise on Google a lot more easily. Because the price of advertising goes down. Once an entrepreneur has a minimum threshold of forty reviews in their business.

When many entrepreneurs think that they are going to be able to bypass getting Google reviews. By advertising with Google ads first. Because that will automatically help them get on the first page of the results.

That is not actually going to help says Edmonton CPA. Simply because business owners will direct a lot of traffic to their business. But when customers look at the businesses Google reviews.

And sees that there are not a lot of them. They often will take their business elsewhere. So a business owner will pay a lot of money, to drive traffic away from their business.

Another mistake that business owners often make. Is thinking that they do not need to get Google reviews. Because they have a lot of yelp or Facebook reviews.

And while these reviews are not harmful at all says Edmonton CPA. Those reviews are not going to help them be found on Google search engines.

And since Google search engines are the most used search site in the world. Being found easily on the Google website is more important. Then being found on Facebook or yelp.

Edmonton CPA even recommends that entrepreneurs avoid getting a website until they have a minimum of forty Google reviews.

As well as business owners should avoid spending money on Google advertising. Until they have forty Google reviews. Because no matter how much traffic they are able to generate for their business.

If they do not have a minimum of forty reviews. That effort is likely to be less effective. Then if they waited. Therefore, in order to help entrepreneurs overcome the number one obstacle.

That small business owners face in Canada. Business owners should generate a Google my business listing, and generate as many reviews as quickly as possible.