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Edmonton CPA | Why Get Google Reviews


Getting Google reviews is difficult says Edmonton CPA. Which is why many businesses do not do it themselves. Often getting to thirty or thirty-five. Before giving up because it is hard to do.

However, Edmonton CPA says the reason why it is so beneficial. Is because not a lot of businesses can do it effectively. Therefore, setting businesses that can do it apart from the competition.

In order to get at least forty Google reviews. Entrepreneurs need to get into the habit of asking for reviews regularly as well as consistently. Even when they have asked customers to give them reviews before.

The reason why they need to be so persistent. Is because customers will not do this on the first request. Which is why a lot of businesses actually will exchange a percentage off their bill. If customers leave a review within the same day.

Whatever method an entrepreneur has for asking clients to give them a Google review. And to inspire their staff to ask customers for Google reviews. Is going to help them significantly.

As well as help them with all other marketing efforts from that day forward. Therefore, all businesses should get a Google my business page. Which is completely free for all businesses.

And once they have this Google business listing. Not only will they start appearing in the map results in Google searches. But they will also be able to start generating Google reviews for themselves as well.

The minimum number of Google reviews they should aim at getting says Edmonton CPA. Is forty reviews. Because many things happen when a business has that many reviews.

For example, a business will start ranking higher in the organic search engine results. When they have forty reviews or more. Because Google will consider them to be more relevant to searches.

Therefore, if business owners want to ensure that they can get more organic search results. They should start with getting forty Google reviews for their business as quickly as they can.

Another thing that entrepreneurs will get when they have forty reviews or more in their business. Is that they will be able to get a discount off of their Google ads that they purchase.

This is because Google wants to ensure that the most relevant businesses. Can have an easier time marketing their products and services.

And the more reviews a business has, the more they are seen as relevant. And can help them save a significant amount on their online marketing budget. To get forty Google reviews first.

And finally, they will appear more relevant to the customers themselves. Who typically will see forty Google reviews. As a business that is very good at what they do. And less likely that those reviews are fake, because it is hard to get forty reviews or more in a business.

Therefore, by getting forty reviews or more. Business owners can start ranking on the first page of Google. Be seen as relevant by Google and rank higher in organic search results.

They will be able to get more money off their online marketing with Google themselves. As well as help convert customers into buyers. Because they will be more confident in the business.

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Many business owners may overlook the importance of getting Google reviews says Edmonton CPA. Which will results in the rest of their marketing activities being less effective than they could be.

The reason why it is very important for entrepreneur’s to have forty Google reviews first. Is because 88% of all customers who make purchases. Will have looked at that businesses Google reviews first.

In order to make their purchasing decision. And when the business has forty reviews or more. They will have confidence that the business is very good at what they do. Because getting forty reviews is difficult.

And while family and friends could very easily help an entrepreneur get twenty Google reviews. Once they have about forty. Those are going to be taken as serious reviews. That are left by actual customers.

Which is why it is important to get to that minimum threshold of Google reviews as quickly as possible says Edmonton CPA. Even if a business owner thinks that they can bypass this system.

And utilize Google ads in order to get on the first page of Google search engine results. And attract customers. Edmonton CPA says that will not work the way they envision it too.

Because while they will be able to increase traffic to their business or to their website. When those 88% of customers who look at a businesses Google reviews. See that they have less than forty reviews in their business.

It does not matter if they clicked on a paid ad in order to see that business or not. They will be less likely to purchase from that business. Which means the business will have paid money to encourage their customers to go elsewhere.

This is why it is very important for entrepreneurs to get as many Google reviews first, before they start other marketing methods. Because even if those marketing methods are not online.

Such as purchasing billboards, sending out flyers, going on sales calls and person. Or any other method that they can think of. They are going to be less likely at converting those customers into buyers.

If they do not have the minimum threshold of Google reviews in their business first. And there is no substitute for being able to get Google reviews for their business.

Another mistake that business owners often make. It is thinking that they are going to be able to use an automated system. In order to generate as many Google reviews as possible.

And while there are many different systems and processes available. To help generate as many Google reviews as possible for a business.

Edmonton CPA says there is simply no substitute for asking customers simply, and persistently. That if they have been happy with the products and services they purchased from the business.

To write a review for the business. Many people like to help out companies that they appreciate. So especially after a business has had a great interaction with the customer. They should ask that Google review. To increase the reviews they have overall.