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Why Businesses Should Get Google Reviews | Edmonton CPA


Many business owners struggle in their business, according to Edmonton CPA. With 50% of small businesses failing in five years. And 42% of those businesses. Saying that they failed because they could not find enough customers to buy their products and services.

In fact, many business owners often look at their financials. And see that they do not have enough money. And think that the problem is with expenses that are out of control.

When the actual problem that business owners have says Edmonton CPA. Is that they are not generating enough revenue in their business. Since this is something that many business owners struggle with.

It is very important that they learn how to overcome this problem consistently. Which can be done with the right marketing and advertising plan.

One of the mistakes that entrepreneurs often make when they first opened the doors to their business. Is that they are not marketing or advertising their business at all.

Because they think their business is so fantastic, it literally sells itself. However, this is very flawed thinking. Because even the most popular brands in the world. Know how important it is to advertise.

Therefore, business owners need to not only have an advertise and marketing plan. But ensure that it is well-thought-out. And has an entrepreneur working on sales and marketing every week.

No matter what an entrepreneurs sales and marketing plan is however says Edmonton CPA. If it is not there is one thing that business owners can do. To ensure that there sales and marketing plan is far more effective.

And that is getting a Google my business page. And generating as many Google reviews as they can. In the shortest amount of time possible.

And the reason why, is because no matter what marketing methods an entrepreneur is using. 88% of customers who end up making a purchase. Will have looked at the businesses Google reviews.

And been influenced by those Google reviews. In order to make the purchasing decision that they did. And if a business has less than forty Google reviews. Chances are quite small.

That they saw the business had few reviews, and purchased products or services from them anyway. Which is why it is very important to get as many Google reviews as possible, and the shortest amount of time.

In fact, the minimum threshold of Google reviews that business owners should aim for is forty. Because that is the number in which customers have confidence in a business, that they are good at what they do.

The reason why the threshold of forty is so important. Is because less than that, means that those reviews could have been given by friends and family. Which does not inspire confidence.

But more than forty is difficult to get. So customers are more likely to consider businesses with that number of reviews as good at what they do. And will often purchase from that business.

Therefore, business owners need to ensure that they are getting to forty Google reviews. So that the matter how they attract customers. Those customers will be more likely to make a purchase from them.

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When entrepreneurs open a business for the first time, Edmonton CPA says that they are faced with many challenges immediately. Including having to find customers as quickly as possible.

In fact, not being able to find customers is the number one reason why businesses fail. And that could be because the sales and marketing methods that they have implemented are not effective.

Or because they are not trying to find customers quickly. Which can lead to a lot of problems in generating sales for a business.

In fact, businesses will often think that they have an expense problem. When Edmonton CPA points out that it is not out-of-control expenses that their problem.

But the fact that they are not generating enough revenue in their business. This is why Edmonton CPA recommends entrepreneurs get a Google my business page.

And start generating Google reviews as quickly as possible. A common mistake that many business owners make. Is thinking that the first step to marketing their business is a great website.

However, no matter how fantastic or expensive that website is. If customers cannot find the business by doing a Google search. Business owners will not be able to use the website to convert people into customers.

Therefore, getting as many Google reviews can be incredibly beneficial. Because it will allow them to start ranking higher up in organic search engine results. So that more customers can actually find them.

The reason why Google reviews helps entrepreneurs with this. Is because the more reviews a business owner has. The more relevant the business will be according to Google analytics.

And that is why it will help business owners rank higher in the organic search results. However, just by having a Google places listing. Means that business owners will automatically be found.

In the map listings of the Google search results. Which are right below the paid advertisements. And right before the organic search results. Which can also help an entrepreneur be found.

In fact, Edmonton CPA says that business owners will be able to get a better price on their Google ads. If they have forty reviews first. Because the more relevant the business is. The last they have to pay in order to advertise their business.

Therefore, by helping businesses get to forty Google reviews. Can help them rank higher in Google organic search engine results.

Get them on the first page of search engine results on the map listings. And also help ensure that the rest of their advertising online is less expensive.

When a business owner does this first. They will be able to make the rest of their advertising methods much more effective. Whether that is sales calls, flyers, or billboards.

When customers go to do a Google search of that business. In order to make their purchasing decision. The ability to actually find that customer is crucial to an entrepreneurs success.