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Why Are Google Reviews So Important | Edmonton CPA


Many entrepreneurs may have heard that Google reviews are very important to their business says Edmonton CPA. Without understanding exactly why.

And until a business owner is able to understand why they should focus on getting Google reviews. They may not understand the urgency in doing this. Or may avoid the task altogether.

One of the reasons why business owners may avoid getting Google reviews. Is because it can be very difficult. Because not only will an entrepreneur have to ask clients for reviews.

But they also must be consistent in doing that. They also have to train their staff to ask customers with each transaction. And it can be uncomfortable for many people business owners and staff.

However, getting Google reviews can be the difference between generating enough revenue in their business to stay viable. Having to close their business altogether.

One of the first things that business owners need to keep in mind. Is that the failure rate for businesses in Canada is extremely low. 50% of entrepreneurs in Canada fail after five years of business.

And while there are three of the most common reasons why entrepreneurs fail in business. The single most common reason. Why entrepreneurs are not successful.

Is because they are unable to find customers in their business to sell their products and services to. There are several reasons why business owners might not find enough customers.

And one of those reasons says Edmonton CPA. Is because business owners are not able to marketing their business effectively. And whether that is because they think it will be easy to find customers.

Or they think it is going to be easier to find customers than it ends up being. Businesses who do not market their products and services. Typically will not survive in their small business endeavour.

However, another reason why business owners are not able to find the customers they need. Is because customers can find them even when they are looking.

The majority of customers all use Google as their search engine of choice. In order to find the products and services that they are ready to purchase.

Therefore, if a business owner cannot be found in that Google search results page. Edmonton CPA says they might as well not exist. But if entrepreneurs have a Google my business page.

They have the ability to be found in Google searches instantly. Which is one of the first reasons why business owners should get a Google my business page as quickly as they can.

But another reason why they should get a Google my business page. Is because they will be able to start generating Google reviews. And the more Google reviews they have.

The higher they will end up in search engine results. Therefore, even if an entrepreneur is marketing their business. It will be much more effective if they had Google reviews in their business first.

By getting a Google my business page. Business owners will be able to be found on the first page of Google in the map listings. And will also allow them to get Google reviews. That will help them continue to increase their standing in Google search engine results.

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Are overwhelmed with learning everything that they need to advertise their business says Edmonton CPA. However, with all of the different advertising methods they learn about.

Entrepreneurs should in fact get a Google my business page as one of the first things that they do. For a large number of reasons, all related back to helping customers find them. And rank higher in Google searches.

One of the first things that business owners will be able to do once they have a Google my business page. And that is start generating Google reviews for their business.

The reason why this is so important says Edmonton CPA. Is because 88% of all customers look at Google reviews. In order to make their purchasing decision.

The more reviews a business has, and the more confidence a customer will have in that business. Once business has forty Google reviews or more. That is more likely to influence the purchasing decision in that businesses favour.

However, if a business has less than forty reviews. Edmonton CPA says that will not inspire confidence. And will often because customers to go elsewhere for their products and services.

And that is because they are less confident in the business is ability to provide products and services effectively. Because of the low number of Google reviews.

And even if a business is the best business of that kind in the world. If they do not have the Google reviews to back it up. They may miss out on a lot of business because of that low number.

This is why business owners need to get out of their comfort zone. And ask as many customers as possible to give them Google reviews. They can start with the easy ask, of getting friends and family.

To give them Google reviews. But in order to get the threshold of forty. That will help them convert customers into purchases. As well as help rank them higher on Google search results.

They will need to ask clients regularly and consistently. And to ask everybody. Some entrepreneurs offer a slight percentage off the bill if customers are willing to give them a Google review.

And when businesses are brand-new. Edmonton CPA says they can offer to do jobs at a deep discount or free. In exchange for Google reviews. In order to start getting the numbers they need to find customers.

Also, once they receive forty Google reviews. They will start to rank higher in Google search engine results. Which means they are going to be more likely to find customers.

Because they are proven to be very good at what they do. And therefore, Google is comfortable increasing their search engine ranking. To be able to find more customers as well.

In fact, getting Google reviews first is an important way. Of helping make all of their marketing efforts more effective. Which is why business owners should focus on this first in their business.