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Edmonton CPA | What Information Is On An Income Statement

There are many things that entrepreneurs need to learn when they open the doors to their business says Edmonton CPA. And understanding their business finances should be the top of that list. That way, entrepreneurs can make more informed financial decisions. That can help them avoid making critical errors.

Since 15% of all entrepreneurs in Canada fail within their first year of business. 29% of failed entrepreneurs attribute running out of money as the reason why they failed. By helping entrepreneurs make more informed financial decisions. Can help entrepreneurs significantly avoid this common problem. And can help them avoid running out of money.

Learning how to read their income statement is important to achieve that goal. Because this is the statement that they should be consulting prior to making any financial decision in their business. Whether they are deciding if they have enough money to run payroll, pay bills, or even make a payment on their leases. This is the financial report that will help them make that decision.

One of the first things that business owners should understand when it comes to their income statement. Is that it should be no longer than a single page. In fact, Edmonton CPA says that no small business owners should have an income statement longer than one page.

This way, business owners will be able to look at the one-page document, and be able to quickly understand it. So that they can make informed financial decisions. If it is longer than one page, it might take them ten twenty minutes to read and understand. Which can end up wasting a lot of time. Or might cause many business owners to not read this report.

In order to help ensure that business owners keep their income statement down to with single page. Is that understanding they need to keep their classifications of expenses very broad and avoid micro-classifying their expenses.

A great example of this says Edmonton CPA. Is when an entrepreneur has office supplies as a category. They might end up spending ten thousand dollars a year on this general category. But they might think that it is going to help them minimize their expenses if they put smaller categories into their income statement.

This might lead to them having a category for printer paper, printer toner, pens, just to name a few. And not only does this take a lot more time to figure out. But it also leads to a lot more errors happening on their income statement.

And while many entrepreneurs may want to have all of their expenses categorized very specifically. Instead of having this on their income statement. They should instead use subaccounts to go into greater detail.

This way, they will be able to have a short income statement. But then be able to pull a report using the subaccounts. So that they can analyse the numbers and that they if they want to.

By understanding how their income statement should be organized. Can help ensure that business owners know what they need to do to keep it organized. But also understanding that they can use things like subaccounts. To help them analyse their numbers in a way that is meaningful to them. While not compromising the effectiveness of their income statement itself.

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Many entrepreneurs do not have any previous business ownership or financial experience says Edmonton CPA. Which leads to them learning how to understand their business finances while they run their first business.

While this can be very overwhelming, one of the first things that an entrepreneur should learn. It is learning how to read their income statement. Which can significantly help them make better financial decisions right from the beginning of their business.

The reason why says Edmonton CPA is because every entrepreneur should be reviewing their income statement prior to making their financial decisions. Whether that is running payroll, making a loan payment, or even paying bills. By reading their income statement.

Can help an entrepreneur understand if they have the money to make those payments. Or if they need to generate more revenue in their business in order to be able to afford those payments.

Understanding the four main components of their income statement is the first step to understanding it. The first section of their income statement will be for the revenue of their business. This is gross revenue, that they generate by making sales of their products and services, or invoicing their customers.

The second section below revenue is cost of sales. And these are all of the costs that are directly related to producing their products or services. This typically includes material and supplies as well as labour.

And while the labour can be staff on payroll, or independent contractors. This is just the labour that was used to produce the products and services. An entrepreneurs administrative staff salaries do not belong in this category.

Below cost of sales is the general expenses according to Edmonton CPA. And this is for all of the other costs in the business. That an entrepreneur will generate before making any sale.

While the cost of sales will only occur if they have made sales in their business. The general expenses are all the other costs that they will incur. Before making any sales at all.

The expenses that typically go in this category include administrative staff, the rent or mortgage of the office space, equipment leases, utility bills and office supplies.

And finally, the last category is for other income and other expenses. These are all of the costs or income that an entrepreneur legitimately generates in their corporation. But are not necessarily related to the day-to-day operations of their business.

Perhaps an entrepreneur owns a rental property, and all of the expenses and income from that rental property belonging this category. Or any investments that the corporation has. And most importantly, the owners salary belongs in this category as well.

By understanding all of these components of their income statement. Can help ensure that business owners know exactly what is going on in their business. From their revenue, to cost of creating their products and services, to regular expenses.

By understanding this, can help ensure that business owners know what is going on in their business. So that they can make more informed financial decisions in their business as early as possible.