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Edmonton CPA | What Google Review Do for Business


Many business owners have been told by their Edmonton CPA. To get as many Google reviews as possible early on in their business.

However, they may not realize why this is so important. And they may not do this as quickly as they should in their business. However, it should be one of the very first things that all business owners do.

The number one reason why businesses in Canada fail. And affects 42% of all failed business owners in this country. Is because they are unable to find customers to sell their products and services to.

While many business owners might think that this is because there is no market for their product or service. Edmonton CPA says a more likely reason. Is that they are either not marketing their business at all.

Perhaps, because they think it is going to be a lot easier to find customers and it ends up being. But they realize this too late, and are not able to recover.

Or, they are not able to find enough customers for their products and services. Because there marketing efforts were not effective at finding enough customers to remain viable in business.

Both of these problems could have been avoided, if business owners got Google reviews for their business. Because getting Google reviews helps in many different ways.

One of the first things that business owners should do according to Edmonton CPA. Is get a Google my business page. Is also known as a Google places listing. Which are completely free for all business owners.

What this will do, is give business owners the ability to have a presence online. Without having to spend money on an expensive website, that may not even help business owners find customers.

In fact, many business owners think that the first thing that they need in this day and age. Is a great website, because so much of what people do is online. But this is not necessarily true.

A Google my business listing can allow people to have a presence online for free. That will give them the ability to show pictures of their business.

Have their address and phone number for customers to contact. As well as have a list of all of their products and services. And listing of store hours just to name a few things.

And not only is this absolutely free. But once they create this page. They can be immediately findable in Google searches, on the map section of the page.

Therefore, for absolutely free, business owners can have an online presence, and be found on Google searches. Which will help them find customers.

But what having a Google my business page will also do. Is help business owners start generating Google reviews for their business. Which can also be extraordinarily beneficial.

At helping them rank higher in Google search engine results. In the organic searches. And also help convert more people into customers, by being impressed with the high number of Google reviews.

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Very important for business owners to understand what Google the right amount of effort into getting Google reviews for their business. Doing this, can help them avoid the most common reason for businesses to fail in Canada.

While many business owners understand that having a Google my business listing. Will give them an online presence for free. And can help them rank on the map listings. In Google search engine results.

But what many business owners do not know. Is that 88% of all customers who make purchases. All have looked at the businesses Google reviews first. And use those reviews to influence their adjusting decision.

Therefore, the amount of Google reviews that Edmonton CPA recommends business owners get to. Is a minimum threshold of forty. Because over forty, customers have a lot more confidence in the business.

The reason why they are a lot more confidence. Is because it is considered more difficult to get forty Google reviews. And therefore, more impressive to the consumer.

Underneath forty Google reviews however. It can look to the consumer. As though the business is either no, and may not know what they are doing very well. Or that they are not very good at what they do.

Which is why they have fewer Google reviews. And even if the business is extremely good at what they do. The perception is very important. And underneath forty reviews, the customer might go elsewhere.

Therefore, Edmonton CPA says getting forty Google reviews or more. Can help convert more people into paying customers. Who are impressed with the number of Google reviews a business owner can get.

Although getting forty Google reviews is also important for other reasons. Such as for Google analytics. Google wants to put the most relevant content the top of their search results.

And the more Google reviews a business has, the more analytics will see it is relevant content. And therefore, a business will be ranked higher when they have more Google reviews in their business.

They should aim to get forty Google reviews in order to get better search engine results. So that they can have more customers find them. By being on the first page of Google search results.

What having forty Google reviews or more will also do says Edmonton CPA. Is it will help them get lower rates of Google AdWords. Which will help them market their business better for the same price that they were willing to pay.

Even businesses that say that they do all of their advertising through word-of-mouth referrals. Businesses should still get Google reviews. Because no matter how they find clients.

Whether it is from a billboard, a flyer, or cold calls. All of their marketing efforts will be made more effective. By being able to convert people into customers.

Therefore, the sooner people can generate as many Google reviews in their business as possible. The better all of their other marketing efforts are going to work. Helping them find more customers.