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Don’t be worried says Edmonton CPA! It is a fact of life that you are going to experience motivational ups and downs, peaks and valleys, as you are only human. Don’t beat yourself up over it, that’s part of the process. Also don’t let yourself feel bad about it everybody has bad days.

You’re going to have a certain amount of negative interactions as a business owner. There can be some negative customers, negative owners, negative suppliers that won’t be happy with you, and there will in fact be friction. That is part of life’s process and small business process. There’s going to be failure and there’s also going to be rejection. Don’t get too overblown about it because you’re gonna have contracts and business meetings that just don’t work out. Outside factors we can control. What we can control is in fact the positive information that we put into our daily lives in our daily routines. Say for example you are at home. What kind of positive influences are you going to be surrounded by two offset all the negativity from the day before? This could be social media, pop-culture, hobbies, etc. Consider what kind of information we are consuming with our free, discretionary time. We can balance the negative with in fact the positive in our life. We can keep our energy levels as high as possible by balancing and offsetting the negative with the positive. You can decide if this is going to offset some of the negative challenges that you’ve had had during the day or the week, is this going to contribute to those problems?

A successful trait that entrepreneurs use is there is going to be a certain amount of interaction with customers in a business where you have to make very significant decisions, says Edmonton CPA the customer is going to have a certain amount of stress. Sometimes this in fact they are going to pass that stress on to you. It’s happen all of us. You have to deal with that. A good way with which to counteract that is you can limit your exposure with high drama people ask, is this a good use of my energy in dealing with these high drama people? Sometimes ultimately cutting those high drama people out of your life is the most efficient thing to do. Edmonton CPA says the misconception is that you’ll be motivated, and then you’ll go to work. In fact, most motivation comes from progress.

Progress never happens unless you start. If you want motivation, then start, and finish something, and then you’ll be motivated if you’re motivated before you start then you probably never start and just won’t get a lot done. Keep in mind, that proper action comes first, then motivation actually comes because you’ve succeeded on a little bit of that action.

Take your early morning alarm clock for example if in fact it sounds, do yourself a favour and the first one of the day will be get up and not press the snooze button.

Edmonton CPA there will absolutely be many periods of low middle motivation. However you will be able to counteract that if you have a schedule set and you can revert back to your habits. When you have low motivation your still showing up, you’re still starting, and you’re still getting things done because you have a schedule and it’s been something that you’ve always done if in fact you have a schedule you are just productive in her high motivation times but now your productive all the time! You’re now not just working on work and certain items but now you’re working on items that you strategically outlined that are worth your time, also these are the items that you have put times in four because of that schedule. 90 not just productive in high motivation periods but your productive all the time

Often, says Edmonton CPA, the cause motivation is because you have too many things on the go and you need quite frankly a lot of energy to get a lot of things done there’s always a lot of things that you need to get done however, you might not be doing them well because you have so much to do. As well, you aren’t accomplishing anything. If we start looking at certain tasks, and start doing fewer things, often you’re going to get more progress on those things and your mind is going to have less clutter.

If you can accomplish certain small tasks everything else starts to become quite unnecessary. Also, in terms of small business, concentrate on revenue-generating tasks first. You you are a business person and you need to talk and think about your revenue and the sustainability of your business.

We all know that distractions can be the killer to our day and to our motivation. Social media can certainly kill the energy in your workday. If you always hear notification bells running off from your phone you will be less motivated and more frustrated. There is some over real Wyoming research that states that you could even become more stressed. In fact, lots of this causes a chemical hormone in your brain that causes stress. Every time we get distracted we become quite frankly less productive. Then, on average, it takes about 23 minutes for us to regain powerful motivation and concentration with the task that we were working on before. Every time we get distracted we simply become less productive says Edmonton CPA then it takes a while again to reach our peak mental state you must limit all of the distractions so that you can focus on work.

If you want to start with a win immediately in the morning and to start feeling motivated in your day, simply get up the first time that your alarm goes off. Don’t hit the snooze button there is an immediate win ahead of your day.