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Edmonton CPA | Understanding Google Reviews


Even though Google reviews are extremely important for business owners to get according to Edmonton CPA. Many business owners still struggle with understanding why.

Or they start getting Google reviews, but stop before they get to the minimum threshold. It is very important for business owners to not only get Google reviews. But get them as quickly as possible.

And get to the minimum threshold of forty reviews. So that they can help their business not only get found by more customers. But help convert those people into customers were buying their products and services.

There are many questions that business owners have. When it comes to understanding reviews. And when they have the information for themselves. Are able to make better decisions on continuing to get Google reviews for their business.

One of the first questions that businesses often have when it comes to Google reviews. Is what is the percentage of customers who are looking at Google reviews in the first place?

This is an important statistic to know. Because it is such a large percentage of customers. According to the studies, 88% of all customers who make purchases.

Will have gone online to research the business that they purchase from. And look at their Google reviews. And were influenced by those Google reviews in their purchasing decision.

This is why Edmonton CPA recommends business owners get to forty reviews as quickly as possible. Because at that threshold, customers will look favourably upon the business.

Because they will have confidence that they are very good at what they do, because trying to get forty reviews from friends and family only is very difficult. Therefore, the reviews they have are more likely to be real.

The next question that entrepreneurs often have. Is why should businesses who generate leads by referral also get Google reviews?

This is a question that a lot of businesses do a lot of word-of-mouth referrals ask in Edmonton CPA. Thinking that they do not need any online marketing or advertising.

Because they do everything through word-of-mouth. However, business owners also need to keep in mind. That no matter how customers are finding that business.

Prior to making their purchase, 88% of them will have looked at them online. And considered their Google reviews before making a purchasing decision.

Therefore, it is not just online businesses that can benefit from getting Google reviews. But no matter what the business is, or how they get their customers. They will benefit positively.

From generating as many Google reviews as they can. And doing that as quickly as possible in their business, and not stopping until they get forty reviews.

By learning this information, businesses should understand why it is not just important to get Google reviews. To get them as quickly as possible. And get to the minimum number.

So that not only can they be found by customers more easily. But because those customers will make decisions on purchasing from that company, based on what they see.

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It is very important for business owners to understand why getting Google reviews is beneficial says Edmonton CPA. And ultimately, it will help them avoid the number one obstacle that businesses in Canada face.

According to industry Canada, 42% of all businesses fail. Because they are unable to find enough customers to sell their products and services to.

Google reviews directly combats this. By helping businesses be found by more customers. And convert them into purchasers. To help business owners find more customers, and sell more products and services.

However, business owners still have a lot of questions. And by answering their questions, can help convince them why they need to implement this strategy in their business.

One of the first questions they like to ask is what is the minimum number of Google reviews they need in order to be relevant? Many business owners have heard that they need to get as many Google reviews as quickly as possible.

Having a specific number of Google reviews in mind can be beneficial. So that they know when they have the minimum number. This does not mean that businesses should stop getting Google reviews once they reach that amount.

The knowing what number they are aiming for can help business owners reach that goal as quickly as possible. Therefore, business owners need to focus on getting forty Google reviews as quickly as possible.

The reason why they need to get forty reviews. Is because at that threshold, customers have a lot of confidence in businesses. And are inspired to purchase from that business over their competitors.

But also, at the threshold of forty or more. Business owners can expect to start ranking higher in Google search engine results. Particularly in the organic search. Because their website will be seen as more relevant. To the people who are conducting the searches.

The next question that business owners often have for their Edmonton CPA when it comes to understanding Google reviews. Is once a business owner gets forty reviews, why do they have to continue getting reviews on ongoing basis?

The reason is quite simple, because Google analytics not only looks at the sheer number of Google reviews that a business owner has. But also the velocity in which they receive them.

Which means if a business owner does not continue getting Google reviews. They will not be seen as relevant. And can start to drop in Google ranking.

But also, it is important for customers to see. That not only did the business get a certain number of Google reviews. But they are still getting Google reviews.

Can be looked at very negatively. If a business owner has hundred Google reviews, but their most recent one was a year ago. Therefore, it is very important that they continue to get Google reviews on an ongoing basis.

Edmonton CPA recommends business owners get Google reviews approximately once a month. Once they have reached the minimum threshold of forty reviews in their business.