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Edmonton CPA | Time Blocking Accounts for Business Success

The most important issue for any small, medium, and large business, and the method with which to alleviate most problems to a business, says Edmonton CPA, is a little-known process of time blocking.

Statistics show a the major interruption in the daily flow and productivity of work is in fact just that… Interruption. I’m interrupted employee loses on average 23 minutes in work time and it takes them that long to get back on task and fully refocused..

Business owners who set and properly keep appointments do generally better when Edmonton CPA looks at their financial reports and records.

On the contrary, business owners who do not keep appointments, who are not as efficient, do not take their employees interests to heart generally lose their employees, lose their leaves, lose their sales, and lose their businesses.

As the business grows, owners need to realize that they need time for focused, solitary work as well as collaborative, group work. A happy employee is a more productive, efficient employee.

So, what kinds of functions of the business do you need to look at in order to draw a proper efficient time blocking system? Edmonton CPA warns that you must look at each, every, and all functions of the business. This includes, but is not limited to recruiting, staffing, hiring, and training, payroll, sales, marketing and advertising, etc. As well, don’t forget that your outside sales people and potentially even yourself need to account for timeouts of the day to meet with clients or for errands for your brick-and-mortar establishment.

Starts to write an efficient, concise, and effective time blocking system by using a full calendar and a blank piece of paper use the visa paper to categorize the functions according to daily, weekly, and monthly functions as well, on the piece of paper, use for templates which are, template number one week one, template number two, week 2 Template, #3, week 3 Template, #4, week four. The first template will be the tasks that have immediate deadline or the tasks that you do every day although we don’t the bottom of the page will be the tasks that you only do biannually or annually take the calendar and pre-populate your calendar as best as you can with meetings, conference dates, doctors appointments, staff meetings, etc. Try your best not to deviate more than once or twice a year. Those deviations can be used for life roadblocks such as a car accident, jury duty, surgery, a death, a birth, or something else that is out of your control.

Two items that will affect

projections more than any other consideration are the businesses marketing initiatives. You need to have a lead. And number two, we, as Edmonton CPA, need to understand what the business owners schedule looks like.

The science shows to tie the tasks to the tie blocks.

You need to shift your mindset, as it is the mindset that will set your work and your life free.

What happens to business owners when they don’t understand that the most important issue for a small, medium, or large owner is time blocking, questions Edmonton CPA. Time blocking happens to be the essence of success. What happens to business owners that don’t comply with a concise, precise, and well thought out time blocking system is they lose employee morale, they lose clients and customers, the lose contracts, they lose revenue, and ultimately lose their businesses.

In stark contrast, business owners who set up and properly keep appointments to generally better when we look at their financial reports. They are more efficient, referrals are well received, their clients fill well looked after, and employee morale is always at a high.

Edmonton CPA warns that stats show that it interruption in employee work results in 23 minutes of lost productive time.

No one, as well, is ever really a good multitasker.

As a business grows, you will need to be aware that you will need time to focus on solitary work as well is collaborative, group work.

What kinds of things do you need to look into when working on and completing a time blocking system, asks Edmonton CPA. The answer is, not surprisingly, everything. You need to look through what are all of the functions of your business, i.e.; interviewing, hiring, recruiting, and training, sales, marketing and advertising, communications, etc. Further, outside salespeople, and even the owner needs to take into consideration outside travel time which can take up a lot of time in the workday.

Often the question is, how do you set up a time blocking system for small, medium, and large businesses? Go back to all the functions in the business and try to list them all out pre-populate your calendar with all of those functions and if you are a business owner, you should have your calendar blocked off a year in advance. Ultimately should be working towards a schedule where you deviate only once or twice a year. Those deviations can be used for life’s surprises such as illness, car accident, jury duty, a birth, death, or something else I your control.

You need to shift your mindset, says Edmonton CPA, as it will be the thing that sets you free to do what you want to do.

As well, a disciplined, yearly schedule equals maximum free time for both yourself, your family, and your coworkers. When you close your business for the day you can actually know that your business is in good hands and well taken care of. It will be ready to make more money the next morning when you open up again

Two items that affect projections more than every other consideration for a business are, what are the businesses marketing initiatives? You have to have a lead. And second, we have to understand what business owners schedule looks like. We have to understand where they are coming from.

The science shows to tie the tasks to the time blocks.