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the Great Benefits of Google Reviews | Edmonton CPA


Business owners should understand how beneficial Google reviews are to their business says Edmonton CPA. So that they can put as much effort as needed into getting those reviews as quickly as possible.

In fact, many business owners do not understand exactly what getting Google reviews can help them with. Thinking that it will just help them look attractive to customers.

And while customers do look favourably on businesses that have more than forty Google reviews. Business owners also need to understand that 88% of customers will use those reviews to guide their purchasing decisions.

Therefore, the overwhelming majority of customers, no matter how they make their purchase from the business. Whether it is online or in person. Will be influenced by a business that has more Google reviews in their business.

Therefore, business owners should put a higher priority on generating those Google reviews. And in fact, should get reviews as their first marketing initiative.

And before they do any other type of advertising in their business. Whether it is online or off-line. However, it can be very difficult for an entrepreneur to generate Google reviews when they are new.

Which is why Edmonton CPA has a list of strategies that entrepreneurs can use. In order to get as many Google reviews as possible. While they are still young in business.

One of the first things that they should do, is come up with a script that the business owner as well as all of the staff can use. Every time they have an interaction with the customer.

That asks those customers to leave a Google review. That way, if they ask every single customer, they are more likely to get Google reviews. Then if they do not ask customers at all.

However, business owners need to be very consistent with this. To ensure every customer gets asked. But also needs to be very diligent. Because customers are not going to give a review the first time they are asked.

The next strategy that Edmonton CPA has. To get as many Google reviews as possible. Is to offer clients a small percentage off their final bill. If they will give a Google review on the spot.

Business owners might have to teach customers how to give one. Or have a computer free, so that they can give the review. But this can be a lot more fruitful when customers are asked.

And finally, another technique that business owners can use to get Google reviews. Is simply by treating services for reviews, especially when they are very new in business.

By implementing these methods, business owners should be quite successful. In getting to that minimum threshold of forty Google reviews in their business.

The sooner they have forty Google reviews, not only will they be more likely to convert people into customers. They will also start ranking higher in Google search engine results.

That will allow more customers to find the business. And then be inspired to purchase products and services from them.

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Many business owners have heard from their Edmonton CPA that they should get Google reviews. They are not convinced that this is one of the most important things to do.

However, business owners should realize that while half of all businesses in Canada fail. The most common reason why these businesses fail.

Is because they are not able to find customers in their business to sell their products and services to. Therefore, they should understand that by getting Google reviews.

Not only are they finding more customers. Because they are able to rank higher in Google search results. Let more customers are able to see them then if they had no Google reviews at all.

But because 88% of all customers to make purchases. Will have looked at that businesses Google reviews first. And were influenced by the number of Google reviews they had.

Which means it does not matter how an entrepreneur got that customer into their business. Or what their marketing efforts were. By having more Google reviews, those efforts will be more effective.

For example, business owners often believe that because they have utilize word-of-mouth referrals in their business. And that is the only way they find customers or market their business.

That they do not need to worry about Google use. Because they get people into their business based on word-of-mouth alone. However, Edmonton CPA says even businesses who only do word-of-mouth marketing.

Can benefit from Google reviews. Because 80% of all customers look at Google reviews before making their purchasing decision. Which means it does not matter how they found that business.

It could have been online, or from a flyer, or from a billboard. They still will go online and look at that businesses Google reviews. And be influenced by those reviews before they purchase.

Another objection that business owners often have. Is that they do not need Google reviews. Because they have a lot of Facebook or yelp reviews in their business.

And while Edmonton CPA will agree that having yelp or Facebook reviews are not bad for business. They also will make the argument that they are not as beneficial as Google reviews.

Simply because Google reviews help entrepreneurs increase their ranking in Google search engine results. So they are able to be found by more customers.

Therefore, even if a business owner has a lot of Facebook or yelp reviews. That is not going to be a substitute for getting Google reviews.

However, it does mean that business owners probably very comfortable asking their customers for reviews. Which should make an easier to get as many Google reviews for their business.

However, business owners need to understand that in order to ask people for Google reviews. They need to be able to do an extremely good job at what they do. So as long as they are doing good job.

They will be able to ask people to leave a Google review. But also ensure that there following up with those customers. To ensure that they do leave a Google review.

And by implementing all of these methods. Business owners will be far more likely to get the Google reviews they need. To help them in business.