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Edmonton CPA | The First Steps To Starting A New Business

There are many things that entrepreneurs need to do when starting a business says Edmonton CPA. And despite the fact that they may be excited to do all of them, the first one that businesses should do is talk to a chartered professional accountant first. The reason for this is because it is a good starting point in determining important information like what the corporate structure of their business should be, creating a comprehensive business plan to help them operate their business and obtain the finances, understanding what the financial readiness of their business will be, and go through important aspects like how are they going to make money, was price point of their products, does their business make economical sentence.

Because talking to an accountant is one of the most important things an entrepreneur can do in their business says Edmonton CPA, understanding how to choose the right one is extremely important. One of the first things that they should consider when they are talking to CPAs to find the right one, is Edmonton CPA recommends that entrepreneurs seek out once that have public practice experience. While industry accountants are extremely knowledgeable and very good at what they do, they also have limited experience talking to and advising small businesses. Public practice accountants, on the other hand, has lots of experience working with dozens of small companies at the same time, and have a different mindset because there is different knowledge needed. Entrepreneurs for the reason that accountants that have experience giving advice to small businesses will be better at giving advice to their small businesses.

The else that entrepreneurs take into consideration when choosing the right chartered professional accountant in their business, is to find CPAs who do more and tax returns. Edmonton CPA says while those things are important, it is usually not enough for business owners to overcome the huge failure rate that small businesses in Canada face. Instead, they should find accountants who have experience with reporting, planning as well as analysis. And statistics from industry Canada actually supports this approach, saying entrepreneurs that have a business plan will be 50% more likely to grow the revenue in their business.

In order to find the right Edmonton CPA who will be able to do business plans for small businesses, entrepreneurs should be asking that question when they are considering which accountant to hire. They should ask the CPAs if they do business plans and how many do in a year. If they do more than a hundred, chances are quite high that that accountant will have the knowledge necessary to not only start the business buying process but can efficiently be completed in order to help the entrepreneur have a guided approach to starting their business. By asking to see a sample plan, business owners can get a good feel for if this accounting firm not only can do them well, this comfortable doing them.

When entrepreneurs decide that they are going to start their first business says Edmonton CPA, they should consider the statistic from industry Canada that says half of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail before their fifth year in business. In order to overcome that high failure rate, business owners need to hire the right professionals to guide them in order to avoid the reasons why Canadian businesses fail. The reasons are they are not able to find the right customers, they do not have the right staff, and they run out of money. In order to avoid these reasons, businesses should consider hiring a chartered professional accountant as one of the first things in their business, because the amount of experience they have can significantly make a difference how a business starts the company in order to set them up for success.

One of the first things that an accountant is going to be able to do for an entrepreneur, helps them create the right tax structure for them. In their first meeting, the accountant will be asking them questions like who is involved in the endeavor, what are their personal circumstances, and that information is going to help the Edmonton CPA create the best tax instructions that can be included directly in the articles of incorporation. If an entrepreneur incorporates their business without including the tax instructions directly into it, they may be at a disadvantage for what they can do to maximize their tax benefits.

In fact, business owners may decide that they do not need to incorporate after getting advice from their Edmonton CPA. Contrary to what many people believe, they do not need to incorporate in order to run a business. The alternative is called a proprietorship and it is quite possible for entrepreneurs to operate their business this way. By understanding the difference between the two, the accountant can help a business owner decide which one is right for them, and after they decide that accountant can continue helping them figure out their business plan, and tax plan as well.

Some of the benefits of incorporating over owning a proprietorship is the tax benefits. Because entrepreneurs who own a proprietorship have to claim all of their business revenue on their personal tax return. Since the highest personal tax rate in Alberta currently is at 48% and the average Canadian pays 43% of their revenue in taxes, the current small business tax rate is 11%. In order to save 37% in taxes, many business owners choose to incorporate it.

By getting all of the facts ahead of time, can help entrepreneurs get the right information in order to start their business often the right foot, prepared to succeed and avoid the reasons why many entrepreneurs for them have failed in Canada says Edmonton CPA. By having a business plan in place, and trusted Edmonton CPA professionals, business owners can understand that business is set to succeed from the beginning.