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Edmonton CPA | the Benefits of Google Reviews


If business owners just to get Google reviews in their business, Edmonton CPA says it could be huge benefits. In fact, not only can I help them find more customers, it can help them convert people into customers. And help their business significantly.

One problem that business owners have, is when they visit their CPA. They say that there lack of funds is an expense problem. But they cannot cut expenses enough to fix the problem.

When instead, the problem that they have, is they have a lack of revenue. And by selling more products and services, can help them get the revenue they need in their business.

In fact, 42% of all failed businesses in Canada. Go on to say that the reason why they failed is because they are not able to find enough customers. In order to sell their products and services to.

Making marketing one of the most important things that a business owner can do. However, a business owner needs to put a lot of thought into how they are going to market their business.

So that they can find those customers, and then help them make a purchasing decision. Of purchasing from their business instead of their competitors.

This is why Edmonton CPA recommends entrepreneurs create a Google my business page also known as a Google places listing. Because this can help a business owners marketing strategies when they do this first.

What having Google my business listing will do. Is help a business owner find customers sooner. By appearing in the first page of Google search results, in the map listings.

These Google my business pages will allow a business owner to put information about their business. Such as their store hours, a list of their products and services. As well as pictures to show their products off.

This is absolutely free, and because it can help business owners be found on Google. It is often more beneficial early on in the business. Then getting a website created could be for business owner.

The next thing that business owners should focus on, is it getting Google reviews for their business. Because once they have a Google my business page. They can start getting customers to leave reviews.

In fact, these Google reviews can be very beneficial to a business owner. Especially since 88% of all customers who end up making purchasing decisions.

Will have looked at that businesses Google reviews prior to making their decision. And that those Google reviews will influence their decisions either positively or negatively.

However, it is very important for business owners to know what number of Google reviews can help a business owner convert customers. And according to Edmonton CPA, that number is more than forty.

The reason why a business owner should get forty Google reviews. Is because lower than that, customers do not always have confidence in the business.

Thinking it was easy to get that number of Google reviews. And therefore they must not be very good at what they do. So they do not want to purchase products or services from them.

But once a business gets to forty Google reviews or more. Customers will have a lot of confidence in the business is ability. And will look more favourably on doing business with that company.

Getting Google reviews is extremely important. And business owners should make this one of the first parts of their marketing strategy for their business.

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Business owners have many challenges when they open the doors to their business says Edmonton CPA. And one of the largest problems that they will have, is in marketing their business.

While many business owners think it is going to be a lot easier to market their business then it ends up being. Others do not have an effective marketing strategy at all.

While there are different strategies that businesses can use. One of the first things that they should do. Is get a Google my business page.

So that they can start generating Google reviews for their business. Google reviews are very beneficial for a business. Even more than just helping convert people into customers.

By giving them confidence in the business is ability.But also, the more Google reviews a business has. The better ranking they can get on Google search engine results. In the organic results.

And the reason why, is because the way the Google analytics work. Is that the most relevant content will be higher up on the organic search results for the customers.

And the more Google reviews a business has, the more they will be seen as more relevant for the analytics. And will help a business owner rank higher in the Google search engine results.

In fact when a business gets to forty Google reviews or more. They will even have a better Google AdWords rate. To help them attract even more customers for a lower price.

However, it is not just important for business to get to around forty Google reviews and then stop. Because Google analytics also take into account. How often a business owner is getting Google reviews as well.

Therefore, Edmonton CPA recommends getting a method of getting customers to leave Google reviews. And teaching that method or script to the staff. So that they can get as many Google reviews consistently as possible.

However, business owners also need to be diligent and persistent. Because just asking customers once for Google reviews. Is not necessarily going to result in them leaving a Google review initially.

By getting more Google reviews. Business owners can continue ranking higher on search engine results. And can help persuade people to buy from them instead of their competition.

And once they do this, is going to help make the rest of their marketing efforts more effective. Whether those marketing efforts are flyers, sales calls, or even word-of-mouth marketing.

Because 88% of customers who hear about the business. Will look on Google before purchasing from them. So no matter what other marketing activities they utilize. Doing this first and only benefit the business.

Therefore, Edmonton CPA recommends getting a Google my business page. And then getting to forty Google reviews as quickly as possible. In order to ensure their marketing efforts will be as beneficial as possible.