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Edmonton CPA asks have you ever heard of a time hack? The time hack is going to be wonderful particularly if your charter professional accountant is searching and researching for a way with which to get more business from within their small business they need more revenue, and in order to get more revenue, they need more customers through the doors.

It is a sad state of affairs where as there are 43% of small businesses that are definitely going to fail because of the inability to find and keep clients or customers from within the business.

It is a domino effect where as if you do not have any customers coming in then you obviously do not have many dollars coming in. If you don’t of any dollars coming in, then you are not sustainable and therefore the business fails.

Edmonton CPA says that time hacks are definitely something that you are definitely going to need in order to get your content on to Google and you get onto the first page of the Google search engine.

The story goes that you are definitely going to need a thousand words per article and you’re going to need hundreds of articles on your website. That is content that Google absolutely loves and the algorithm will definitely pay tribute to.

Make sure that this time hack is used in the fact that you don’t necessarily have to write a thousand words are article, at hundreds of articles.

Edmonton CPA says that you can just voice them and find a transcription program that will allow you to use a microphone and it will go direct from Mike to Paige.

That is going to be wonderful in the fact that there is going to be a much bigger time savings if you do it that way. On the whole, what will happen is sometimes it takes people eight hours just to write a thousand words. What a waste of time that is going to be just for a thousand words. Can you consider, at eight hours with a thousand words how long it’s going to take you to write hundreds?

Your marketing advisor says that on the other hand, you can voice a thousand words in about 10 minutes.

That is going to severely cut down a lot of your work and it is going to be fantastic for you.

Yes you’re definitely going to be able to as well now do videos for your website.

Those videos although daunting potentially because you have not been at front of a camera, are so important in the fact that it is going to link the two biggest search engines in the world, Google, and YouTube.

It is going to be 10 minute videos that are going to allow you to talk about your business and different aspects within.

Video transfer descriptions are going to be put on the website and it is going to cross and be put on YouTube as well.

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Edmonton CPA says that making sure in understanding that you are definitely going to have to specifically think about ranking the main barrier for the content on Google is going to be very deceiving. It is going to be the main barrier that is going to be harder for you to generate a lot of the income and a lot of the profit.

It is going to make sure that you have specifically dealt with a lot of the idiosyncrasies that are going to come with Google, and it is only the algorithms that are going to allow you to make sure to get on.

However, there is a specific formula with which you are going to have to get on to the first page of Google my business.

The number one thing, is make sure that you have in fact done and got on to Google my business. What that means is you have opened a Google my business page 4 specifically your business. You have opened an account, you have received the code in the snail mail, and then you are able now to get Google reviews.

The Google review process, says Edmonton CPA, can be a lengthy one can can be a lot more tricky than you think it can. It may sound simple to ask people to go on to a specific webpage and just say something very quickly.

However, people often don’t see find the importance and the urgency with that as much as you do. You might have to remind them again and again.

Often what you might want to do, says Edmonton CPA, is to offer your services at a discounted rate or may be pro bono.

As well, what is gonna end up, is now you’re going to also have content on the two biggest search in the visions on the planet without doing any real work.

What that necessarily is going to mean is it’s pretty easy to put them in a videos together and it is definitely not that hard to ask a bunch of your clients to just quickly put a Google review on your my Google business page.

The decision where it will definitely bring a lot of significance where it is going to be definitely getting harder for customers is as we move along it is going to be more technologically sound and 88% of people are going to be looking onto Google. If you don’t have a Google my business page, you are going to lose by association.

The reason for that is because you’re gonna have to understand that you as the owner are going to have to be the expert and you are going to have to do most of the work.

You are not going to have to understand and outsource a lot of people in order to voice a lot of the specific articles because those people don’t know anything about your business.