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With such a high failure rate of businesses starting up in Canada, entrepreneurs should know the first steps that they should be taking in order to set up their business correctly and maximize their chances of succeeding says Edmonton CPA. The failure rate for businesses in Canada is 50% after five years, and the three main reasons for that is because business owners are not able to find the right customers, they ran out of money, and they are not able to hire the right team. In order to avoid the circumstances in business, they should take the right first steps when starting their business to maximize their chances of succeeding.

There are several questions that entrepreneurs should have the answer to before they take their first steps towards business ownership. The first question is why should entrepreneurs talk to chartered professional accountants before setting up preliminary business accounts like insurance accounts and bank accounts? The reason why entrepreneurs should be talking to an accountant as their very first step, because even though they know they are going to have to have bank accounts and insurance if they are setting them up before they talk to an accountant, they could risk making those accounts be set up in the wrong name. This is especially important if a business owner decides after meeting with their Edmonton CPA that they should be incorporating their business. They will either have to change the names on those accounts, which could end up being a big hassle, or they will have to shut those accounts down and open new ones. While this is not necessarily a problem, it doubles the amount of work that entrepreneurs have to put in, which is just a big waste of time.

The next question that entrepreneurs need to have the answer to before taking the first steps into business ownership is when they look to hire a chartered professional accountant, what type of experience should they be looking for in a CPA? One of the biggest things to consider when an entrepreneur is starting to look for chartered professional accountants to hire is to look for one that has look practice experience. Accountants that do not have public practice experience have the experience only dealing with one type of business and lack a depth of experience that can be beneficial to entrepreneurs. On the other hand, Edmonton CPA says that accountants that do have put look practice experience know what it is like to advise entrepreneurs, and there is a huge difference in advising one large company versus hundreds of smaller ones. If entrepreneurs want to hire company that know what it is like to talk to small businesses, they should look for a public practice CPA.

Starting a business is an extremely huge step for entrepreneurs, and in order to set their business upright for success, entrepreneurs should be talking to a chartered professional accountant in order to maximize their business’s chance of success as early as possible.

There are several things that entrepreneurs need to know before taking the first steps towards becoming a business owner says Edmonton CPA. While it might seem like there are many things that entrepreneurs can do ahead of time, the best first steps are to talk to a chartered professional accountant. Business owners can usually find accountants that offer free consultations, and they can get the answers to several questions, and even take things into consideration that they never even thought of in the first place. It should not have to cost entrepreneurs anything in order to get the right information on how to start their business successfully.

While many entrepreneurs believe that the only reason they should ever talk to a chartered professional accountant when starting a business is if they are going to own incorporated business. While incorporation makes a lot of sense for many entrepreneurs, it is even good practice for business owners to talk to Edmonton CPA even if they are planning on operating a proprietorship. The reason for this is because even if they are not incorporating, a chartered professional accountant will be able to help entrepreneurs navigate through tax scenarios, and advise the business owners if their plan makes sense. If the plan still make sense after finding out all the information, and accountants will help a business owner navigate things like how to check expenses efficiently, do they need to register for GST and what business plan that they need to succeed?

One of the most important aspects that a chartered professional accountant is going to be able to offer their new businesses is business planning advice. Edmonton CPA says that because the failure rate of small businesses in Canada is so high, the recommendation is for entrepreneurs to hire an accountant who is going to be able to help them plan, report and one who is going to analyse their financial information in order to help them succeed. If an entrepreneur only hires an accountant who works on year-end, they may not be getting the right amount of help in time. 15% of all Canadian businesses fail before reaching their first year anniversary. Therefore by hiring an accountant that only does year-end tax returns they are not maximizing their chances of success.

In order to help their businesses succeed, they should find a chartered professional accountant that does business planning. Although this is not a service that pays offer to their clients, business owners should know what to look for when talking to accountants in order to find the ones who do. Edmonton CPA says entrepreneurs should ask the accounting offices that say they do business planning to take a look at a sample of one of their completed plans, or even a template. Entrepreneurs should be able to tell fairly easily by the way the office answers a question if they typically do business plans or not. They may even be able to ask our rate how many plans they do a year. They should be looking for an accounting office that does about a hundred or more plans every year to have the confidence that they are going to be able to efficiently and completely plan for the entrepreneur.