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Unfortunately, says Edmonton CPA, y the way the Google algorithm works, once you enter yourself in to Google for your small business, your business is going to be ranked so far down and Google pages that no one is ever going to see it.

No one is ever going to act on it and no one is ever going to be able to know the wonderful work that you do for your small business.

The way with which you solve that problem is not without a little bit of elbow grease.

First of all what you can do according to Edmonton CPA, is make sure that you open a Google my business website. What that is is it is a page specifically for your business, complete with your business name.

Then once you get a Google my business page which is a little bit of a process in and of itself. You are going to have to wait for a code for 10 days or potentially up to a month. You will then input that code once you get it in the snail mail and then you will be able to go on to step two.

Edmonton CPA then says that the next phase is talking to a lot of your clients that you have worked with that are very satisfied with your work and know how well your business runs that they are going to be able to write you a review on your Google my business page. The procedures for the Google my business reviews are the fact that they must be five-star reviews, and they must say a little bit of something, a blurb of sorts.

That blurb can be something to the effect of the business was so great, I am very impressed, or something to that effect.

Then after you have collected 40 Google reviews you will go on to the next step. It is a lot trickier than you think however to get 40 reviews. Often times when you ask somebody that is not necessarily a friend or family and it is just a customer or a business connection for a Google review, they will push her to the back burner and not necessarily worry about it because they don’t feel as though it is that important.

What you do have to do in fact is urge them to get it done and nudge them a little bit gently until you do in fact have one.

Make sure that after all you get your 40 Google reviews complete with five-star reviews and a blurb in each one of them, that you deal with now all of the hard work and getting all of the text into your website.

Now the parameters for this, according to Google my business and Google altogether is the fact that you have to have a thousand words on each article and you have to have hundreds of articles. This may seem absolutely daunting and it is.

Why Will There Be An Excellent Edmonton Cpa For Your Enjoyment?


It is definitely daunting, says Edmonton CPA when one talks about how many hundreds of articles you need with how many thousands of words that you need per article.

It is however not a very good idea for you to hire anybody to do this for you and outsource because it is in fact very important and it is in fact very expensive to do it.

You know your business better than anybody, and although it definitely needs to be done as quickly as possible, you can do it yourself.

What you might want to do is you might want to consider not writing it as that is going to take forever. Often times what happens is it is going to take one person 68 hours just to write a thousand words.

However, with the wonderful world of technology, you are going to be able to voice your words and put them and transcribe them onto the page and directly into computer.

That is going to save time exponentially so that you are going to be able to do many articles in the same amount of time that you are going to be able to write one.

The decision that is going to happen is very important one and you’re gonna have to keep writing them, or voicing them, as you continue. You are gonna have to switch over the articles from time to time, and it is going to continually be a process.

After that, what you’re going to need to do then is you are going to make sure that you’re gonna have to get videos. You’re gonna have to make sure now that you have a presence on YouTube. Google and YouTube are, wanting to in the importance and popularity of social media.

It is so important to make sure that you get on a video a week for 52 weeks every year. That could very well be very daunting for you however, make sure that it gets a little bit easier, and you don’t necessarily have to have it perfect or look like a movie star.

The decision for what it is going to be is the fact that there is going to be 10 minute videos about you just talking about different aspects of your business or exactly how you got into business or the like.

Edmonton CPA also states the fact that there is going to then be a process where you’re going to potentially have to take a break and then do it all over again as you do have to refresh all of your content on your website and on YouTube eventually.

Edmonton CPA states the fact that there is going to be a lot of the harder aspects for the issues which you are going to have to ask program or if you don’t necessarily realize that you are mobile compliant or if in fact your website is not compliant at all.