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Most Common Questions About Google Reviews | Edmonton CPA


Many business owners may have heard that getting Google reviews is important says Edmonton CPA. But they still do not know why, or how many reviews they should get.

Therefore, understanding why they should get Google reviews. And how they should go about doing it. Can help entrepreneurs significantly. Get the reviews they need to help them stay in business.

One of the first questions that Edmonton CPA guests when they talk about financials with their customers. Is once the financials show weak revenue. Where is the first place to look?

Edmonton CPA recommends entrepreneurs looking at the Google business page. To see how many Google reviews an entrepreneur has. Or, to see if they have a Google business page at all.

This can be a great indicator of why they may have trouble with revenue. Especially if they have a page but no reviews or a few reviews. Or if they have no page at all.

The next question that people often ask. Is what is a Google my business or Google places page? These are pages that entrepreneurs can make in Google online.

And what they do, is give a business in online presence. Without having a website. And can allow entrepreneurs to put pictures, have store hours, and a list of services online.

This also helps an entrepreneur get start ranking in Google search results. As well as helps an entrepreneur start being able to get Google reviews from customers.

Another question that entrepreneurs often ask about Google pages. Is how much money does it cost to create a page? The best thing about that says Edmonton CPA. Is that it is absolutely free.

Therefore, the return on investment is infinite. And so the sooner an entrepreneur can create this page for their business. The better it is going to be for themselves and their business.

Another question that business owners want to know the answer to. Is if an entrepreneur creates this listing, does that mean they are going to be able to start receiving Google reviews?

This is one of the most beneficial things about a Google places listing. Is that it will allow a business to start generating reviews. And that can help not only attract customers. But convert people into customers.

So that business owners will be more likely to sell more products and services. Because people can see the number of Google reviews they have.

If a business has no Google reviews or no Google my business listing. They may not do very well. Because when people go to Google their business. They will not find them. Or see that they have no Google reviews.

This is why business owners should get as many Google reviews as possible. And as quickly as possible. So that they can find more customers, and end up on the first page of Google searches.

By doing this, business owners can increase their chances of succeeding. But also decrease their chances of failing in business because they were not able to find customers.

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A large number of business owners have heard how important Google reviews are for their business says Edmonton CPA. But do not realize exactly how important reviews are.

One of the first things they may ask. Is what percentage of customers look at Google reviews? They should understand that studies have shown that 88% of all customers look at Google reviews.

But not only are they looking at Google reviews before making their purchasing decision. The number of reviews that they have. Will factor into that purchasing decision.

And the more reviews an entrepreneur has, the more favourably they are going to be looked at by customers. And will increase the number of customers that go see their business. Then if they had no reviews at all.

The next question that business owners often ask is why should they get Google reviews. When they typically do business by word of mouth only?

This is very important for businesses to understand the answer to. But even businesses that only find customers through word-of-mouth. Need to understand that 80% of all customers look at reviews.

Which means an entrepreneur will be able to close more business. If they had many Google reviews. Even if they generate all of their leads through word-of-mouth alone.

That is because even the word-of-mouth referrals will look at a businesses Google reviews. Before they make the decision to purchase from that business or not.

Another question that business owners often have. Is does it have to be a Google review? Or does the fact that they have a lot of Facebook and yelp reviews help?

Edmonton CPA says that while Facebook and yelp will not hurt a business. They will not necessarily help a business either. Because people typically find businesses by googling them.

And even if they have hundreds of Facebook or yelp reviews. Means that customers will be less likely to see those reviews. Simply because they will not appear as high up on Google search engine results.

The sooner that business owners can understand how important their Google reviews are, the sooner they can start focusing on them and succeeding.

Another question that business owners often have is what is the minimum threshold of Google reviews to be relevant? This is an important one, because it can be very difficult to get.

But according to Edmonton CPA. Business owners should aim for forty Google reviews at a minimum. Because that is not only the percentage that customers see as legitimate.

But is also the amount of Google reviews that an entrepreneur needs. In order to start ranking higher in Google search engine ranking results.

If a business owner wants to appear on the first page of Google search engine results. They should get a Google my business page. And start generating as many reviews as possible, as quickly as possible.

By creating a business plan that has this strategy in its. Can make an entrepreneur more likely to do with the need to in order to succeed in their business.