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An all too common scenario for businesses in Canada says Edmonton CPA, is that they are unable to avoid running out of money, which causes them to have to shut their business down. Even though this is and very common scenario, 50% of all Canadian businesses fail in the first five years, and 29% of them run out of money. This can be avoided through effective business planning. In order for businesses to increase their chances of succeeding and avoiding this in their business, they should hire the right accountant for their business who is not only going to be able to help them with tax planning but help them with business planning so they can maximize their chances of success.

While not all Edmonton CPA firms are able to do business planning, entrepreneurs can find the accounting firms that not only will do business planning, but are good at it as well. Statistics have shown that businesses with a business plan are 50% more likely to grow their revenue then businesses without. Therefore, entrepreneurs should ensure that they are doing their due diligence to find the right Edmonton CPA is going to be able to help them create the best business plan that they can to increase their chances of succeeding in business.

When looking for the right accounting firm, entrepreneurs should understand that most accountants are not going to charge an hourly fee for the initial consultation. Therefore they need to ensure that they have all of their questions ready so that they can it is much information as they can during this initial consultation so that they know their next steps will be. In order for a business owner to be able to tell if the Edmonton CPA can efficiently handle a business plan for them, business owners should be asking to see a sample of their business plans is a template. Accounting firms that are doing business plans on a regular basis, are usually quite keen to show off their templates and share their process. Entrepreneurs should find and accounting firm to do this so that they can be confident in their ability to not only start to the business plan process with the business owner but be able to complete it this year and into the future.

Not only can the right Edmonton CPA help entrepreneurs with business plans, they will also be able to help them create the best tax structure for them. By asking entrepreneurs questions in their initial consultation about what the business is, who all is involved and their personal circumstances, and Edmonton CPA will be able to create the best tax recipe they can, so that if an entrepreneur chooses to incorporate, they can build the tax structure directly into the articles of incorporation, ensuring that entrepreneur has the best tax plan possible.

By doing their due diligence ahead of time, business owners can ensure that they are creating the best plan to succeed in business possible.

If entrepreneurs are not getting adequate business advice before they start their business says Edmonton CPA. They could end up making missteps that could cost them time, money and have them paying more in taxes. one of the first things that entrepreneurs should know when they are in the process of starting a business, talking to an accountant can help them significantly not just by creating a tax structure that can help them avoid paying taxes, create a great business plan that can give them a roadmap on how to succeed in business.

There are several things that entrepreneurs should know when talking to Edmonton CPA when they first start their business. The first question entrepreneurs should know is what happens if an entrepreneur incorporates without first talking to chartered professional accountants? The biggest reason why business owners will want to talk to an accountant before incorporating is that the articles of incorporation should have specific aspects in them in order for accountants to be able to handle the taxes in an efficient way. If business owners do not have their corporationís structured this way before they talk to an accountant and may have their corporation structured to be paying far more taxes then they should. By talking to an accountant first, they can create the tax instructions that can be used when they incorporate, to ensure that they have the best tax planning built into the articles of incorporation.

The next question is does an entrepreneur need to incorporate, or can they operate a business without incorporating? Edmonton CPA says that it is absolutely possible, but before they make a decision on if they should operate a business without incorporating first, they should talk to an accountant as well. There is many reasons why businesses would choose to incorporate, and before an entrepreneur operates a business, they should know the difference between the two and what is the most advantageous for them. Edmonton CPA says regardless of which business structure an entrepreneur decides to go with, talking to an accountant first can help them make that decision and then they are in the know in order to help an entrepreneur create the best tax plan and business plan to help them succeed.

The next question that business owners need to understand when they’re first starting their business, is will it cost them money to get advice from an Edmonton CPA? Many entrepreneurs are afraid of incurring additional costs by getting advice from professionals, but most accountants will not charge for the initial consultation since it is a time for both parties to figure out if it is going to be a good relationship for both of them. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be free to ask all of the questions that they have, and find out all of the answers to decide if this is the right accountant for them to use. Business owners should write down all of their questions, and ensure that they get all the answers they need so that they can move forward efficiently.