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Learning How to Get Google Reviews | Edmonton CPA


Even though it sounds simplistic, Edmonton CPA says getting Google reviews can be incredibly beneficial to all businesses. And in fact, should be something that business owners do before any other marketing or advertising initiatives.

While many business owners think that one of the first things that they need to do. In order to be relevant in business. Is to have a website. Edmonton CPA disagrees.

Because having a website does not mean they are going to find customers. Because they have to be able to rank on the first page of Google search engine results. In order to find customers.

In fact, many business owners think that simply by having a website. That they will be on the first page of Google. However that is not the case.

If it was that easy, more businesses would be able to find customers more effectively. But the fact that the number one reason why businesses fail in Canada. Is because they cannot find customers.

Points to how difficult it actually is to get on the first page of Google. In order to find the customers they need. To generate revenue that they will need to stay in business.

And when many businesses are wondering why they need to rank so highly in the Google search engine. It is because it is the number one search engine in the world.

With all other search engines not even able to compete together to Google. In fact, the second largest search engine in the world is that YouTube. Which is also owned by Google.

Therefore, being able to rank on the first page of the largest search engine in the world is very important. And the reason why people should get Google reviews in their business.

However, businesses need to get the right number of Google reviews. Which is a minimum of forty in their business to start. And if they do, they can start ranking higher in the Google search results for organic searches.

The reason why, is because the way Google analytics works. Is by wanting to rank relevant content higher. So that people who are doing searches can get the best results at the top of the page.

Therefore, the more Google reviews a business has. The more relevant their is this will seem to products and services. Which will allow business owner to have more customers find them.

However, business owners need to set up a Google my business page first. And getting those Google reviews is going to require strategy.

The first thing that entrepreneurs need to do. Is begun that strategy that is going to help them. Such as asking every single customer for a Google review.

But since not every customer will leave a review when they are asked. The follow-up is going to be just as important. And that system must be adhered to, even when the business owner is not present.

Some business owners even offer a slight discount on their bill. In exchange for customers leaving them a Google review before they leave the business. While this can be beneficial says Edmonton CPA.

The key is consistency, and follow-up. To ensure that they are contacting all of their customers, and asking for those reviews. And not stopping.

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It is very important for businesses to understand that Google reviews are very important says Edmonton CPA. And that they should put a lot of effort into getting reviews before any other marketing initiatives.

However, many businesses are not sure why this is so important. And have a lot of questions about why they should get Google reviews for their business.

One of the first questions that they have for their Edmonton CPA is: are Facebook, yelp and other review sites a good substitute for Google reviews?

While having these additional review sites is not a detriment to the business. It is also not going to be as beneficial as the Google reviews themselves for a number of different reasons.

The first reason, is because when customers are doing a search for the business, or a product or service. They are doing that search on Google. And not on Facebook or yelp for example.

Therefore, having the Google reviews is beneficial. Because that is where customers are going to find the information about the company. That they use in their purchasing decisions.

And while the Facebook and yelp reviews will populate somewhere along the Google organic search results. They are not going to be as impactful as the Google reviews.

On the entrepreneurs Google my business page. That will show up in the map listings in the search engine results. Because of this, Edmonton CPA recommends having Google reviews as the primary review in a business.

Another question that business owners often have. Is why should their business get Google reviews. When they generate all of their leads by word-of-mouth referrals alone?

This is a common question that business owners have. And they do not understand why they should have Google reviews. And they do not do any online advertising or marketing.

However, these businesses also need to understand. That 88% of all customers who make purchasing decisions. Will have looked at the business and their Google reviews first.

Therefore, even if the business is not online at all. The customers that are purchasing from them are online. And if they do not have enough Google reviews, can be looked upon negatively by those customers.

Therefore, no matter what a business is marketing initiatives or advertising strategies are. Google reviews needs to be the starting point for those strategies.

Once they have forty Google reviews. All other marketing will be more effective and work together with those Google reviews.

When business owners understand exactly what Google reviews will do for their business. And why the recommendation is to get them. They will be a lot more cooperative.

And be able to get the minimum threshold of reviews they need. In order to benefit, both from Google search engine results. As well as from customers who are researching companies before they buy.