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Edmonton CPA | Learning About Google Reviews


Even though Google reviews can be very beneficial to all businesses, Edmonton CPA says many businesses do not implement this strategy. Even though it can help them overcome the number one reason why businesses fail in Canada.

According to industry Canada, not only are 50% of all small businesses in Canada failing. But the most common reasons why they are not succeeding. Is because they are unable to find customers to sell their products and services to.

This is why Edmonton CPA recommends all of their clients get a Google my business page. So that they can start getting Google reviews in their business as quickly as possible.

Not only is the Google my business page absolutely free. But it will also allow business owners to start ranking within the map listings on the Google search results page.

This way, customers are more apt to find a business. Even if they are not yet ranking on the organic search results. And before they even get a website built for their business.

In fact, Edmonton CPA recommends entrepreneurs focus on getting Google reviews. Even before they build that website for themselves. Because that website will not necessarily help them more customers.

Because if they are not yet ranking on the first page of Google search results. No customers are going to see that website, in order to convince them to purchase products or services from the business.

However, many business owners have questions about getting Google reviews. That once they understand the answers to their questions. Will be much more convinced of utilizing this strategy.

The first question business owners often have. What is the percentage of customers that are looking at Google reviews? This is a very important question to know the answer to says Edmonton CPA.

And business owners need to understand that 88% of all customers. Look at the businesses Google reviews. And be influenced by those Google reviews in their purchasing decision.

The next question that business owners often have. Is what is the minimum threshold of Google views that they need. In order to help convince those customers. To buy from their business is that of their competitors.

This is important to note, that businesses should aim for forty Google reviews at a minimum in their business. Because at that amount, customers will have confidence in purchasing products and services from the business.

Below forty, customers might lack that confidence. Because they might consider the reviews that business has as fake. Or they have such few reviews, because they do not have a lot of customers who like their product and service.

Therefore, getting to that minimum number. Can help inspire confidence in customers. Because that number of Google reviews would be hard to get. Therefore, customers would see that as valid reviews. From people who love their products and services.

By understanding why businesses should focus on getting Google reviews. Can help business owners overcome the single most challenging obstacle that entrepreneurs have been business.

It helps them find the customers they need to sell or products and services to. The sooner business owners do this, the sooner they can increase their revenue, increase their customer base. And succeed.

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A common problem that Edmonton CPA sees from new business owners. Is that they are running out of money, and think that the problem is with their expenses. When the problem is actually a lack of revenue.

Many businesses struggle with finding customers. Either because they pay gets going to be easier to find customers than it is. And they do not have a marketing strategy in their business yet.

Or because the marketing strategy that they have is not working. Because not allowing them to find customers, or convert people into purchasing customers.

Before an entrepreneur starts any other marketing or advertising strategies. And even before they have a website. Edmonton CPA recommends setting up a Google my business page.

In order to generate as many Google reviews for their business as possible reason why, is because it can help a business be found by customers who are searching for the products and services that they sell.

As well as help convert those customers into buyers. By giving them confidence that they are very good at what they do. Because of their Google reviews.

However, many business owners struggle it understanding why it is Google reviews that are so beneficial. Especially when they have a large number of yelp or Facebook reviews in their business.

While Edmonton CPA would agree that having Facebook and yelp reviews are not bad. They are not nearly as effective as having a minimum of forty Google reviews in their business.

The reason why, is because when customers are looking for products and services that they are ready to purchase. They go to one website over any other website to search for those products and services.

And that website is Google. And it is it the largest search engine in the world. And having Google reviews can help rank higher in that search engine. So that customers are more likely to see a business owners business.

Once an entrepreneur has reached forty Google reviews in their business or more. They will start ranking higher based on Google analytics. That considers more Google reviews in a business, as relevant to people searching.

Which is why they are ranked higher than businesses that do not have nearly as many Google reviews. Therefore, getting Google reviews can help people find the business that they might not have before.

In fact, business owners need to have a goal of having enough Google reviews. That they can end up on the first page of Google. Because if they are not on the first page, customers will not find them.

The reason why, is because customers will not look passed the first page. In order to find a business. And they are looking for a product or service to purchase.

Therefore, if business owners are able to increase their Google ranking. They will be able to be found by more customers. So that they can sell more products and services.

Which is why it is so important for all business owners to get to forty Google reviews as quickly as possible. So that they can generate as much revenue as possible.