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In order to help entrepreneurs find more customers, Edmonton CPA recommends entrepreneurs get Google reviews. This can help find more customers, and increase and entrepreneurs revenue.

In fact, even though many entrepreneurs believe that when their revenue is down. They need to minimize expenses. The problem is more often a lack of revenue, rather than expense problem.

And by finding more customers. Business owners can increase that revenue. That will help them stay in business for a long time.

In fact, not being a look find enough customers. Is the most common reason why entrepreneurs fail in business. With 42% of failed entrepreneurs. Saying lack of customers was the reason they failed.

And this is according to an industry Canada survey. That found half of all Canadian small businesses failed within five years. And saw the most common reason for business failure, was not being able to find customers.

The reason why Edmonton CPA recommends getting Google reviews. Is because 88% of all customers. Look at Google reviews prior to making their purchasing decision.

And not only that, but those same customers. Who look at Google reviews. Use those reviews in making their purchasing decision. Which is why entrepreneurs need to get as many Google reviews as they possibly can.

In fact, the minimum number of Google reviews that Edmonton CPA recommends entrepreneurs get. Is forty to start with. Not only is that the amount of Google reviews needed to start ranking in Google search engine results.

But also, at forty Google reviews. Customers start to see those reviews as valid. And will be more likely to utilize the business. Or purchased products from the business. That has forty Google reviews or more.

However, in order for business to start getting Google reviews. They need to get a Google places or Google my business page. This is the first thing that business owners should do when they open the doors to their business.

And to set up this page it is absolutely free. So there is no reason for business owner to not do this. But it will allow, is for a business owner to start ranking in Google search engine results.

Because they will start showing up underneath the paid ads. In the map results of the Google search results. And this is even before the organic search results will be shown.

But not only will allow people to start googling them. Or importantly, it will allow an entrepreneur to start getting Google reviews. Which will be needed in order to help customers decide to purchase from them.

Therefore, it is recommended that business owners set up Google business pages first. And then start to get as many Google reviews as quickly as possible.

They should even avoid trying to pay for ads online. Or spend a lot of money developing a website until they have forty Google reviews.

If business owners want to avoid going out of business for lack of revenue. A should start getting as many Google reviews as possible.

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If business owners want to attract more customers, Edmonton CPA says they should focus on getting more Google reviews for their business.

The reason why this is so important. Is because most customers will Google a business before making a decision on whether they want to purchase products and services from them.

But not only will they Google a business. But they will also look at the Google reviews the business has received. And consider those Google reviews when they make their purchasing decision.

This means, that if a business does not have enough Google reviews. Customers may very well take their business elsewhere. And go to another business instead of using that entrepreneur.

The number of Google reviews that an entrepreneur should focus on getting. Is a minimum of forty reviews. Because that is the number that customers see as valid.

And when a business has at least forty Google reviews. That will help influence the customer to make their purchasing decision with that business. Instead of their competitors.

This is why Edmonton CPA recommends entrepreneurs create a Google my business page. And start getting to forty Google reviews as quickly as possible.

In fact, Edmonton CPA advises against entrepreneurs spending money in online advertising. Until they have forty reviews in their business. Because that will not help convert people into customers.

Instead, it will cost an entrepreneur money. In order to run those ads. To drive traffic to that business. Where they will look at the less than forty Google reviews. And go elsewhere to make their purchase.

Therefore, it will cost an entrepreneur more money. To get those clicks, and drive traffic. But it will not help them close the sale. Because they will not have enough Google reviews.

In fact, Edmonton CPA also advises against spending a lot of money on a website. Until an entrepreneur has forty Google reviews on their Google business page.

Because spending a lot of money on a website. Is not going to help them find customers. If they do not have forty Google reviews, and will not get ranked on the Google search engine results.

Or, they will rank because they have a Google business page. But they will not end up going to the website. Because they see that there are less than forty Google reviews.

Therefore, the first step in any business owners marketing plan. Should be getting a Google my business page. And then getting to forty Google reviews as quickly as possible.

Before doing any other online marketing activities. However, once they reach forty Google reviews. This will help all other online marketing efforts. Which is why it should be done first.

Even Facebook and yelp reviews are not as important as Google reviews. And business owners should spend time getting as many Google reviews as possible.

To help get seen by customers by ranking on Google search results. And help convert those customers into purchasers. Because the business will have enough reviews.