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Increase Sales Through Google Reviews | Edmonton CPA


As far as Edmonton CPA is concerned. An entrepreneur’s marketing plan needs to include getting a Google my business page. In order to start generate Google reviews as quickly as possible.

However, not enough businesses understand why getting Google results reviews is important. Which is why many people do not have enough to make a difference in their business.

Getting Google reviews can help significantly. Not just get noticed, by helping people rank on the first page of Google search engine results.

But also can help significantly. By inspiring customers to have confidence in the business. To be more likely to purchase products and services from that business.

Edmonton CPA says business owners need to understand. That 88% of all customers. Look at a businesses Google reviews. In order to make their purchasing decisions.

And if they do not have enough Google reviews. Customers will go elsewhere, where they have more confidence in the business. Businesses that have less than forty Google reviews.

Are at risk for those customers to go elsewhere. Because of the perception of how the business offers services. Based on the low amount of Google reviews in the business.

This is why is incredibly important for business owners to get as many Google reviews as possible. So that they can inspire customers that do find them. To make their purchase with them and not their competitors.

The threshold of Google reviews that they need to have. In order to be seen as relevant to potential customers. Is the minimum number of forty. The reason why forty reviews is so important.

Because if they have less than forty Google reviews. They are seen as not very good at what they do. Or that it is very easy to get a low amount of Google reviews. By asking friends and family.

However, having more than forty reviews is often seen as more difficult. And are therefore less likely that they are fake reviews by friends and family only.

So Edmonton CPA recommends that entrepreneurs get to forty reviews as quickly as possible. In order to be more likely to have customers using them for their products and services. Over other competitors.

However, getting forty Google reviews has other benefits. Such as being able to rank higher in Google search engine results. Once an entrepreneur has forty reviews or more.

Because Google sees them as being more relevant to customers searches. Therefore, they can help businesses rank higher in search engine results. Allowing more customers to see them.

Therefore, because of how important this strategy is. Edmonton CPA says business owners should create a Google my business page or Google places listing as quickly as possible.

So that they can start getting the Google reviews that they need. To be seen as relevant to other customers. But they need to have a strategy in order to do that effectively.

Coming up with a strategy on how they are going to consistently ask customers. As well as getting all of the staff on the same page is very important. And the sooner a business owner can figure this out. The sooner they are going to be able to have forty Google reviews to help them find more customers.

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Many business owners may not realize how important Google reviews are, to finding more customers according to Edmonton CPA. And if business owners do not know this. They might be missing out on a lot of opportunities in their business.

Getting as many Google reviews as possible. When they are searched by the 88% of customers who research a business before purchasing from them.

They are showing these customers who are doing research. That they are very good at what they do. And should inspire confidence in those customers to go to their business instead of a competitor.

However, Edmonton CPA says there are many businesses out there. That say word-of-mouth referrals are how they get the majority of their customers. So Google reviews are not important to them.

And while of mouth referrals are very beneficial to a business. Because somebody else has made the recommendation. That does not have anything to benefit from the referral.

But that does not mean that these businesses will not benefit from Google reviews. In fact, 80% of all businesses will do a Google search for business before they buy their products or use their services.

That also extends to customers who heard about a business through a word-of-mouth referral. Which means even businesses that do all of their advertising through word-of-mouth referrals.

Will benefit from having Google reviews in their business. And close even more business. By appealing to the 80% of customers. Look at a businesses Google reviews. Before making their purchasing decision.

Another objection that business owners often have. Is thinking that since they have a lot of reviews on Facebook or on yelp. That they do not need to have Google reviews as well says Edmonton CPA.

However, while having reviews on those pages will not hurt. They are not as beneficial as Google reviews for many reasons.

The first thing that business owners need to keep in mind. Is that Google reviews will help find customers on Google search engines.

And since the majority of all customers do their searches on a Google website. The Google reviews will help people be found by those customers.

And the Facebook and yelp reviews. Will be found in a search results. But maybe not on the first page, or not higher up in the page to be found by customers.

Therefore, all of the reviews that a person has received on Facebook and yelp. Should be moved to the Google review. Which can happen when an entrepreneur asks their customers to give them a Google review.

In fact, the only way that business owners are going to get Google reviews consistently. Is to come up with a script. As well as a way of asking customers consistently.

Because asking customers once may not be enough for them to give Google review. So asking often and persistently is key.