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Edmonton CPA | How Google Reviews Help With Marketing


Many business owners have these grand marketing plans says Edmonton CPA. When they first opened the doors to their business. There are several things that can cause those plans to be less effective than they expect.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs need to do. Is set time aside in their calendar every single week for sales and marketing. Because if they do not, they may find that more time has gone by.

And they have not spent any time on their marketing. And then wonder why their business is not growing as effectively as it should says Edmonton CPA.

However, any entrepreneurs do not have great marketing plans laid out. Which means they may struggle with their marketing, or find that what they are doing is not effective.

Some business owners even find out only when they sit down with their Edmonton CPA. That the problem that they are facing is a lack of revenue.

And that they need to spend more time working on their advertising and marketing. However, if business owners do not know what the first thing they should do is.

They may be working very hard at their sales and marketing. But not having the results that they need. To generate sales for their business.

This is why the recommendation is for entrepreneurs to set up a Google my business page. Not only should they do this, but they should do it as quickly as possible when they open their business.

Not only will this allow business owners to have free listing online. But it can also act as an entrepreneur’s website for the first few months. Showing customers pictures of their products and people.

As well as showing the business itself, a list of the products and services that they sell. The businesses hours of operation. And it does not have to cost them a single dime.

The most beneficial thing about this. Is that it is going to allow entrepreneurs to get on the first page of Google. By appearing in the map listings, before the organic listings on the page.

And even most beneficially. Having a Google my business listing. Will allow entrepreneurs to start getting Google reviews. Google reviews are actually there he important.

To helping ensure Business owners can find more customers. As well as converting those customers into buyers of their products and services much more easily.

The reason why Google reviews helps convert people into customers. Is because 88% of all customers will Google a business before purchasing products and services from them.

And the more Google reviews on entrepreneur has. The more likely customers will use them instead of going competition. As long as they have the minimum threshold of reviews.

That minimum threshold of reviews is forty. Because not only is it going to be considered more difficult for a business owner to get forty reviews. But also because it will be seen as an entrepreneur being an expert to get more than forty reviews.

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If business owners do not put enough effort into growing their business says Edmonton CPA. They could fail in business because they are not generating enough revenue.

In fact, the number one reason for businesses to fail in Canada. Is because they are unable to find enough customers to purchase their products and services.

And this is often because they are either not marketing their products and services at all. Either because they think they have more time to. Or because they think their product or service is so fantastic.

That it will literally sell itself. But even they best and most popular brands in the world. No how important it is to advertise consistently and regularly.

However, if business owners are not sure what sales and marketing activities they should engage in. In order to generate the sales they need for their business.

They may end up advertising and marketing themselves ineffectively. And run out of time in their business. And failed because they are not generating enough revenue in their business.

This is why Edmonton CPA recommends that all businesses get a Google my business listing, or Google places page. Because not only are they completely free.

But they are also immediately searchable in Google search engine results. By showing up in the map listings on the first page.

But also, because it allows entrepreneurs to start generating Google reviews for their business. Which can help them convert people who are looking at their products and services into paying customers.

The reason why this is so important. Is because 88% of all customers who purchase from a business. Will have reviewed them online first. As well as looked at their Google reviews.

And not only will they have looked at Google reviews online. They also will have made their decision using those Google reviews. If they do not have a minimum of 40 Google reviews in their business first.

Customers who research them online. And look at that lower number of Google reviews. May decide to take their business elsewhere. Rather than by the products and services from an entrepreneurs business.

The reason why forty is the minimum threshold that business owners should aim for. Is because lower than forty, it is can be seen as easier to achieve.

Or that the businesses family and friends gave those Google reviews. And that the reviews were less likely from real customers. Which does not inspire confidence with the customers.

However, once an entrepreneur gets to forty Google reviews. It is likely to be seen as organic reviews. That were given by real customers. Because trying to get forty fake reviews is going to be much harder.

Therefore, business owners can inspire customers to purchase with them. And increase all of their sales and marketing activities. Because every time they reach out to a customer.

The customer will then look at the business online. And look at their Google reviews. In order to make their purchasing decisions says Edmonton CPA.

If business owners want to ensure that no matter what products and services they advertise have a better chance at being sold. They should get a Google my business page and get forty Google reviews as quickly as possible.