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Google Reviews Help Marketing Efforts | Edmonton CPA


One thing that business owners can do that will help their marketing efforts according to Edmonton CPA. And that is get Google reviews. The reason why, is because it can help convert people into customers. As well as help businesses rank high in organic Google results.

When people are looking to purchase a product or service. Edmonton CPA says they typically will look online first. To get an idea about what types of products and services there are. And what companies provide them.

They also look at that companies Google reviews. In order to influence their purchasing decision. And while many business owners think that that is a small percentage of people.

It is actually 88% of all customers who and up making a purchase. Have looked at Google reviews. Prior to making their purchasing decision.

It is also interesting to note. That customers who see a business that has less than forty Google reviews. Look at that business little bit more negatively. Especially over a business that has more than forty reviews.

The reason why businesses are looked upon negatively. If they do not have forty Google reviews or more. Is because customers tend to make assumptions about that business.

The assumption is they are not able to get enough Google reviews. Perhaps because they are not very good at what they do. Or that the Google reviews they do have are from family and friends.

Therefore, once a business gets to a minimum of forty Google reviews or more. Customers start to have more confidence in that business. Because they look at forty Google reviews as more difficult to get from just family and friends.

Because of that, it will inspire more confidence in customers. Who will typically purchase from a business once they have over forty Google reviews.

Which is why businesses should focus on getting as many as possible. And get those Google reviews as quickly as they can. To help convert people into customers.

Another reason why Edmonton CPA recommends getting forty Google reviews or more. Is because it is at that threshold. That businesses start ranking higher in Google organic search rankings.

This will help customers actually see the business. Because they are more likely to land on the first page of Google search results. And is also very important for people to know.

That if they are not on the first page of Google. Chances are very slim that customers will find them. Because customers will not look passed the first page. To find what they are looking for.

Therefore, not only will it help convert customers into purchasers of their products and services. But getting as many Google reviews as possible. Can help ensure that customers are able to actually find them.

So that they will be able to sell more products and services to more customers. Since not being a look find enough customers is the number one reason why business owners in Canada were not successful.

Getting as many Google reviews as quickly as possible. Is one way that business owners can combat this obstacle. And sell more products and services to more people.

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Many business owners are overwhelmed when they first opened the doors to their business according to Edmonton CPA. And they might not know what the first thing they should do in their business is.

However, one recommendation when it comes to sales and marketing. Is that business owners should set up a Google my business page. Which is also called a Google places listing.

The reason why this should be one of the first things that they do. Is first of all, because it is absolutely free for all businesses to do. Since businesses need to take advantage of all free and inexpensive marketing opportunities.

This is one of those things that can give them infinite return on investment. Because not only is it free to sign up, but it is going to be free for the rest of their business.

Another reason why business owners should set up a Google my business listing. As one of the first things they do when they start their business. And that is because they can start ranking in Google search results.

A Google my business page or Google places listings. Will show up in the map results on the first page of the Google search results. The maps are displayed below paid advertisements.

But the maps also are directly above the organic search results. Aching them a very prominent place on the page, for customers to be able to see. As soon as they are set up on their Google my business page.

They will start ranking within the search results. Allowing customers to be older find them very quickly. And since this is absolutely free, it is something that all business owners should do as quickly as possible.

However, having a Google my business page also allows business owners. To start gathering Google reviews says Edmonton CPA. The reason why Google reviews are so important.

Is because not only do 80% of all customers look at Google reviews to influence their purchasing decisions. But also because it can help business owners rank higher in the organic Google search results.

In fact, a soon as they have their Google my business listing. They should try to get as many Google reviews as possible. With the minimum threshold of forty reviews in their business.

In the reason why forty reviews is so important. Is because that is the number of reviews that customers look at favourably. And can help them to decide to purchase their products from the entrepreneurs company.

But also, it can help them rank higher in Google organic search results. Because it is seen by Google algorithms. As more relevant to people’s Google searches.

And while this is very beneficial, it is something that not a lot of business owners are doing right now says Edmonton CPA. Which if small business owners could start doing this for themselves.

They could quickly get more Google reviews than their competition. Which would help them stand out, and attract customers so that they can grow their revenue.