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Edmonton CPA | Google Reviews an Important Role to Finding Customers


Many business owners are not aware of the role Google reviews plays in finding customers says Edmonton CPA. And may end up struggling trying to find customers more than they should.

In fact, while 50% of all small businesses in Canada eventually fail. 42% of all small businesses that fail. Fail because they are unable to find the customers they need to purchase their products and services.

Therefore, it is not just important for business owner to have a marketing plan in their business. They need to ensure that the marketing plan is as effective as possible. In order to find the customers they need.

One thing that business owners can do. That will make all the other marketing efforts improved. Is getting a Google my business page, or Google places listing for their business.

The benefit to this says Edmonton CPA is that it is completely free. And it will not only allow a business owner to start generating Google reviews in their business.

But it will also allow an entrepreneurs business to show up on the first page of Google search results. It will show up in the map listings, just below the paid Google ads. And above the organic search results.

This is incredibly beneficial for business owners to have. But it can be even more beneficial than this says Edmonton CPA. Because it will allow them to get Google reviews.

And the more Google reviews a business has, the higher up in the organic search results they will appear. However, in order for that to happen. A business needs to have a minimum number of Google reviews.

That minimum threshold of reviews that a business owner needs to get to is forty. Because forty Google reviews can be difficult to achieve. Which means that the business is very good at what they do.

Underneath forty, and that can appear as though only an entrepreneur’s family or friends left Google reviews. And is less likely to inspire confidence in potential customers when they do a Google search.

However, because forty is seen as difficult to achieve. And it actually is, business owners need to work very hard at achieving this number. Which is why Edmonton CPA recommends starting early in the business to achieve this.

Not only do they need to have the Google my business page. But they also need to ensure that they are asking customers for reviews. And asking not just once, but following up to ensure they do it.

They also should come up with the script that they give their staff. So that their staff can ask customers for reviews consistently. So that they can be more likely to get forty reviews quickly.

Once an entrepreneur gets to forty reviews. They should focus on getting reviews about once a month. So that they can remain relevant to their customers. And also, once they have forty reviews.

They will start ranking higher in Google search engine results. To help them find even more customers, who will be confident in purchasing products and services from that business.

When did Edmonton CPA Services Become so important?


Many business owners are not effectively marketing their products and services says Edmonton CPA. Which is why they are struggling to find customers in their business.

And while some businesses make the mistake of thinking they are going to be able to find customers much more easily than they can. So they do not market their business at all.

The problem is other businesses, are spending a lot of time and effort marketing their business. But their methods are not effective. Which will not help them find the customers they need.

One of the first things that Edmonton CPA recommends an entrepreneur does. Is get a Google my business page, also known as a Google places listing. And these are absolutely free.

What this does, is gives entrepreneurs the ability to start getting Google reviews in their business. As well as allow them to be seen in Google search engine results.

In fact, business owners can generate more traffic for their business doing this. Then they can building a massive and very expensive website. And creating a Facebook page for their business.

The reason why this is so important to do. Is because Google is the largest search engine in the world. And the overwhelming majority of people use Google.

When they are looking to find a company to buy the products and services that they are looking for from. Therefore, being able to be found in Google search engine results Is extremely important.

In fact, people go to Google before they go to any other search engine. Or any other website including Facebook. In order to find companies to buy those products and services from. And to do that, when they are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Not only that, but 88% of all customers who make purchases look at that businesses Google reviews. In order to guide their purchasing decision. If they have only a few reviews, they will likely go elsewhere.

This is why it is very important for entrepreneurs to get a Google my list business listing. And start generating as many referrals for themselves as possible. So that not only are they searchable by Google.

They are also going to convert more people into customers. By inspiring confidence. Because they have a minimum threshold of forty Google reviews or more.

However, it is not just converting customers into buyers that having forty Google reviews will do. But also it will help them rank higher in the organic Google search engine results.

Because the more Google reviews a business has. The more Google will consider them applicable to a customers search terms. And rank them higher on the organic search results.

Therefore, by doing this first. Edmonton CPA says all other marketing efforts can be made more effective. Whether they are handing out flyers, doing door-to-door sales calls, or hanging a billboard.

All of the customers that see those marketing methods. Will still Google the business. And as long as they have forty Google reviews. It can help ensure that they are converting more people into buyers.