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One problem that happens over and over again according to Edmonton CPA. Is that a business owner brings their financials. That shows weak revenue. Although they think the problem is in expenses.

When this is the problem, business owners can spend a significant amount of time. Trying to minimize expenses. When the ultimate problem is the fact that they simply are not generating enough revenue in their business.

When business owners have lack of revenue. No amount of minimizing expenses can help. And they can get a lot of their bills down to zero says Edmonton CPA. But still have problems paying them.

When this is the situation. Edmonton CPA will recommend looking at an entrepreneurs Google my business listing, or Google places page. In order to see how many Google reviews they have.

The reason why they will do this. Is because chances are very high that if an entrepreneur does not have enough revenue. That they also do not have enough Google reviews.

The reason why one has anything to do with the other. Is because if an entrepreneur has forty Google reviews or more. They not only will appear higher up in search engine results.

As well as they will be better able to convert people looking for products and services into paying customers. Because they will have confidence in the business.

In addition to actually being able to find them in Google search results. And there is virtually no reason for business owners do not have a Google my business page or Google places site.

Because they are absolutely free. Therefore, if business owners are having revenue problems, and they do not have a Google my business listing yet. They should change that immediately.

However, just by having a Google my business page. Does not mean that entrepreneurs are going to be able to generate more customers for their business. Because they need to have Google reviews as well.

And the minimum threshold of Google reviews they should aim for. Is to get forty in their business as quickly as possible.

Because once they have forty. Not only will they appear higher up in Google search engine results. But also, that is the amount of reviews. That inspires confidence in customers.

In fact, 88% of all customers end up doing a Google review on a business they are thinking of purchasing from. And if they have forty reviews or more.

That will influence their purchasing decision in favour of the business. However, if they do not have forty reviews. That will often get them to look elsewhere for the same products and services due to a lack of confidence.

And while some people think that Facebook and a yelp reviews are just as beneficial as Google reviews. While they are certainly not detrimental to a business. They will not help customers find them on Google.

Which is where the majority of any customers to searching for products and services. That they are interested in purchasing immediately.

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Many entrepreneurs are struggling with finding customers in their business says Edmonton CPA. And may not be aware of how easy that is to fix with a Google business page.

In fact, according to industry Canada. Not only are 15% of entrepreneurs feeling in the first year of opening doors to their business. But also, 30% are failing within their second year of business ownership.

And the statistics get worse, until tops out at 50%. Of all small businesses in Canada. Failing, within five years of opening the doors to their business.

And while there is an extremely high failure rate of small businesses in Canada according to industry Canada. Edmonton CPA says there are three reasons why entrepreneurs are failing consistently.

The single most common reason why entrepreneurs are not successful in business. Is because they are in able to find the customers they need. To sell their products and services to.

Which makes up 42% of all of the entrepreneurs that fail in business. This could be due to a wide variety of reasons. Including but not limited to not advertising or marketing the business at all.

But also, it could be that an entrepreneur is not advertising or marketing their business effectively. Which results in not being able to find customers because the methods that they are using are not working.

This is why Edmonton CPA recommends getting a Google my business page as one of the first things that an entrepreneur does. Because once they have this, and start generating Google reviews.

All of the entrepreneurs other marketing. Will be made better and more powerful because they are going to be found much more easily in Google search engine results.

Since 88% of all customers look at Google reviews. And an effort to influence their purchasing decision. No matter how customers hear about a business. Or find that business.

Whether they found the business online by doing a Google search. Our whether it was a word-of-mouth referral, a flyer they found in their mailbox. Or even assign they saw at the side of the road.

88% of those people will do a Google search for the business online. In order to look at how many Google reviews they have. And decide on whether they want to purchase from them or not.

Therefore, if they start off by generating Google reviews in their business. No matter what other marketing methods they use. They will be able to convert more customers into purchasers.

In order to do this, business owners simply need to sign up for a free Google my business page. And then start asking customers consistently and repeatedly for reviews.

They should come up with a script that every staff member can use. Ask every customer that comes into their business to leave a review. So that they can start getting the reviews they need.

Once an entrepreneur gets forty reviews in their business. They should aim to get another one every single month. To ensure that they are staying relevant according to the Google algorithms.