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Get Google Reviews in Order to Find Customers | Edmonton CPA


No matter what marketing efforts an entrepreneur uses says Edmonton CPA. Those efforts will be amplified and improved. By getting more Google reviews in their business.

Getting many Google reviews does a number of things to help an entrepreneur. And one of the first things that it does. Is it helps convert people who are looking to buy products and services.

Into customers of the business, because they have confidence that they will do things well. Because of the high number of Google reviews an entrepreneur has.

However, it is important that business owners get the minimum threshold of Google reviews. To ensure that it inspires confidence in potential customers. Instead of convincing them to go somewhere else.

The minimum number of Google reviews they should get. In order to inspire that confidence. Is forty reviews in their business minimum. This way, customers will have confidence in the business.

The reason why forty is the number that inspires confidence. Is because it can be hard to get to forty reviews. Which means they are most likely real customers. Instead of the entrepreneurs friends and family.

It also means that few businesses actually have forty Google reviews. Which speaks to that businesses excellence. If they have more Google reviews on average. Than their competitors actually have.

Therefore, Edmonton CPA says business owners should aim for getting forty Google reviews as quickly as they can in their business.

So that they can encourage anyone who does a Google search for their industry, or their products and services. Will see their business, and be inspired to use them or purchase from them.

How an entrepreneur can get forty Google reviews is the more difficult feet says Edmonton CPA. And there are no real shortcuts to do it in. It requires an entrepreneur and their staff to ask for reviews.

They need to ask every customer that has a transaction with them. And they need to ask often. In order to ensure that customers actually follow through with that important Google review.

Some businesses offer a discount on the final bill. If they leave a Google review for the business before they leave the store. And some businesses when they are new, exchange services for Google reviews.

So that they can start gaining some traction on getting that important number of Google reviews for their business. However, once they receive forty reviews.

It is important that they do not stop getting reviews. Because they need to continually get reviews. In order to continue to inspire confidence in their customers.

For example, if an entrepreneur has forty Google reviews. But the last one was a year ago. That would not inspire confidence in a customer. Because they would be wondering what has happened in that year, to get people to stop leaving Google reviews.

Edmonton CPA recommends getting about one Google review a month At a minimum. In order to ensure that they are staying relevant to customers. For looking for products and services to buy.

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It is very important for entrepreneurs to understand why Google reviews are necessary says Edmonton CPA. And can actually help an entrepreneur with their marketing efforts as well.

One of the first things that business owners need to understand. Is that getting Google reviews. Can help them rank higher in Google search engine results.

And since Google is the most used search engine in the world. Followed by YouTube. Everything that business owners can do to increase their ranking on Google is going to be beneficial.

The number of Google reviews that it takes in order to start ranking higher in Google search engine results. Is forty reviews at a minimum. And then one review on average every month.

The reason why the more reviews a business has. The higher they rank in the Google algorithm. Is because once they reached a difficult to achieve number of reviews.

Google considers that business to be very good at what they do. And therefore, will be more likely that customers are looking for their business. Or, can get the help that they need from that business.

Because Google wants to rank businesses that are most relevant to the top of the page. The more Google reviews they have. Will help them be considered more relevant than their competition. To help them find customers easier.

However, Edmonton CPA says many business owners think that they can bypass getting Google reviews. Because it is difficult and time-consuming. And instead, pay for Google ads to get on the front page.

And while that can definitely work. And help ensure that business owners can get on the first page of Google search engine results. If they do not have forty Google reviews first.

When their customers research them They may go elsewhere if the business does not have forty reviews. Because customers are not confident in that businesses ability to give them what they want.

Therefore, business owners will pay per click. In order to drive customers to their business, and not to generate any more sales for themselves.

Also, many business owners do not believe that they need Google reviews. Because they do 100% of their business on word-of-mouth referrals.

And while word-of-mouth referrals are very powerful says Edmonton CPA. Then customers who find this is through word-of-mouth referrals. Will still Google them in order to make their purchasing decision.

Therefore, businesses that only do word-of-mouth referrals as a marketing method. Can still benefit from signing up for a free Google my business page. And asking those happy customers.

To give them a Google review. So that they can convert more people into customers. Because they are impressed with what they see when they research that company.

Therefore, the first thing that a business owner can do is get a Google my business page. And then start generating referrals as quickly as possible.

And by doing that, all of their other marketing activities, whether it is word-of-mouth marketing, billboards, flyers. Or knocking on doors themselves. Are going to be much more effective.

The sooner business owners can have a Google page and start generating Google reviews. The sooner they are going to ensure all other marketing methods can help them succeed.