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Getting customers continues to be one of the most important tasks of the business says Edmonton CPA. As well as one of the biggest challenges. And if business owners are not advertising their business.

They may find that it is impossible to find the customers they need. To sell their products and services, and increase the revenue of their business.

Therefore, business owners should not only have a business plan. That helps them lay out all of their plans for how they are going to work in their business.

But also, they need to ensure that they are doing everything that is outlined in that business plan. In order to find customers they need. To seller products and grow their revenue.

One mistake that Edmonton CPA often sees. Is that when their clients come in complaining of not having enough money to pay expenses. That they think the problem is with their expenses.

And spend more time than they should. Minimizing expenses, and cutting costs. When the problem is not that they have too many expenses. But the fact that they have not enough revenue.

However, many business owners struggle with marketing their business in the first place. And having to do this quickly. As well as when they are already experiencing trouble can be difficult.

However, if business owners have not already created a Google my business listing oral Google places page. That should be one of the first things that they do to rectify the situation.

The reason why, is because if this is owners are not ranking in the first page of Google search engine results. They pretty much do not exist to the customers that are searching.

The reason why, is because very few customers ever look past the very first Google search results page. And if they do not find what they are looking for. They stop looking. Or only utilize the first page results.

A Google my business listing allows entrepreneurs to get found on the first page. In the map listings, which appears right below the paid Google ads says Edmonton CPA.

This way, even if they are not in the organic search results. And they are not yet paying for ads. They will still appear on the first page. Where they should be able to be found by customers more often.

However, having Google business page. Also helps entrepreneur be able to start getting Google reviews in their business. This is extremely important to have, because customers make purchasing decisions with this information.

In fact, 88% of all customers who make purchasing decisions. Will have looked at Google reviews in order to influence that decision. And when a business has less than forty Google reviews.

That purchasing decision may not be as favourable as they like. Because customers lack confidence in businesses with less than forty Google reviews.

Therefore, business owners can significantly increase their chances of finding more customers. If they simply got a Google my business page for free. And started generating Google reviews for their business.

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Getting Google use is very important for many different reasons says Edmonton CPA. And it is very important that a business owner understands all of the reasons.

One of the first things that getting Google reviews will do. Is is help customers find a business more effectively. The reason why, is because the more Google reviews a business has.

The higher they will rank in search engine results when customers to do a Google search. However, the minimum number that entrepreneur needs to have in order for this to work is forty.

Once they have forty Google reviews or more. The Google algorithm will allow a business owner to start ranking higher in search engine results. And ideally, landing them on the first page of results.

However, Edmonton CPA says once an entrepreneur gets forty Google reviews in their business. They need to keep getting Google reviews. In order to continue to rank high in search engine results.

And while many business owners think that they can bypass this. By paying for a Google ad. And appearing on the first page, in the paid ads section. This is advised against for many reasons.

One of the first reasons why business owners should not do this. Is because while it will allow them to get on the first page of Google very easily.

If they do not have the minimum number of Google reviews of forty. Customers will see that ad, and research the company. And take their purchase elsewhere. Based on the number of Google reviews they have.

Another question that many entrepreneurs want to know the answer to. Is how come a large number of Facebook or yelp reviews is not as important. As getting Google reviews in their business?

Ultimately, the answer to that question is because Facebook and yelp do not factor into search engine results on Google. And while they might appear in the search results.

They may not appear high up in the list to make a big impact on the business. And ultimately, not a lot of will get those reviews. As much as they look at Google reviews.

In fact, 88% of all customers who make purchases. Look at Google reviews. In order to make their purchasing decision.

Therefore, while Edmonton CPA says that having Facebook or yelp reviews are not detrimental to the business. They may not help as much as the Google reviews.

Which is why many business owners should focus on getting Google first in their business. And ultimately, the key to success there. Is ensuring that business owners and their staff.

Our asking customers consistently and often. In order to get them to leave a Google review. With business owners potentially taking a percentage off the invoice. In order to encourage the customer to leave a Google review.

Using this as a strategy to help market their business. Can help a lot of business owners get what they need. To rank high on Google search engine results. And increase their revenue.