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Edmonton CPA | Get Forty Google Reviews


It is very important for business owners to get Google reviews in their business says Edmonton CPA. For many different reasons, even before they do any other marketing activities.

The reason why, is because it not only can help convert people into customers. But it can also help customers find that particular business as well.

In fact, while industry Canada reports that half of all small businesses end up failing within five years. The number one reason why these businesses are failing. Is because they cannot find enough customers to sell or products and services to.

Therefore, getting forty Google reviews can help business owners find customers. As well as convert customers. However, some business owners may be confused as to why the minimum threshold is forty.

The reason why Edmonton CPA recommends clients to get forty Google reviews. Because at forty reviews, they will start ranking higher in Google organic search results.

And the reason why is because Google analytics will see their page as having more relevant content. Because of the high number of reviews. Therefore, it will allow for customers to see them.

However, it is also important to note that at forty reviews or more. Customers will start getting a better price for their Google AdWords.

Which means they will be able to advertise more with the same amount of money. And for that reason alone, Edmonton CPA recommends is in his get forty Google reviews first.

Before they start paying for any online advertising. Especially paying for Google AdWords for their business. When they do this, they will have a lot more success than they would have otherwise.

It is also very important for business owners to get forty Google reviews. Because that will help them convert more people into customers. Because they will have confidence in the high number of views.

In fact, 88% of customers who end up making a purchase. Will have look at a businesses Google reviews. Prior to deciding whether to purchase from them or not.

With such a high percentage of customers who look at Google reviews. It is rather obvious why a business can benefit from having as many Google reviews as possible.

Why forty Google reviews is the number to aim for. Is because studies have shown that under forty reviews, customers lack that confidence.

Because that can be seen as easy to get a small amount of Google reviews. So it does not inspire confidence in purchasers. However, once a business has forty reviews or more. Customers have a lot more confidence that those are real reviews from happy customers.

Therefore, once an entrepreneur opens the doors to their business. It is very important that they set up a Google my business page. And get to forty Google reviews as quickly as possible.

And in fact, Edmonton CPA recommends doing this before any other online marketing efforts. Because those efforts will not be as effective. As they would after a business owner gets forty reviews or more.

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The number one reason why entrepreneurs are failing in their small business in Canada says Edmonton CPA. Is because they are unable to find enough customers to buy their products and services.

And while this might be because many entrepreneurs think it is going to be easier to find customers than it is. And do not have a concrete sales or marketing plan in place.

Before a business owner starts any sales and marketing plan. Edmonton CPA recommends creating a Google places or Google my business page. And start generating as many Google reviews for their business as possible.

Not only is this completely free for all business owners. But a Google my business listing will allow entrepreneurs to start generating results on the first page of Google very quickly.

These Google my business pages will show results in the map section of Google search engine results. Which are right below the Google AdWords, and above the organic search results.

This way, can start finding customers, even before they rank in organic search results. And even before they even have a website for their business.

In fact, getting a Google my business page first. Before an entrepreneur pays money to have a website built.

And while the reasons why they make this suggestion, is because having a website. Does not guarantee that people will rank on the first page of Google search results.

In fact, paying a lot of money early on in the business can be very detrimental. Especially if that website does not help them find customers anymore than a Google Places listing can.

Not only is a Google places listing completely free, but it can generate results a lot easier and faster. Then a website alone can.

However, many people do not realize that Google reviews are so important. And think that since they have a lot of Facebook or yelp reviews. This going to help them in their business.

And while it is not going to be detrimental. For a business to have yelp and Facebook reviews. It is not going to be as beneficial as lots of Google reviews can be.

First of all, Google reviews work with Google analytics. In order to rank people higher in search engine results. And while Facebook and yelp reviews will end up in the search results.

They are not going to help a business get page 1 anymore than a website alone well. Edmonton CPA recommends that if business owners have a lot of Facebook or yelp reviews.

Try to get those switched over to Google reviews. By contacting the businesses and asking to put them on that platform as well. Because a business owner can benefit greatly from it.

Businesses also think that they do not need Google reviews if all they do is word-of-mouth referrals. However, it still important to get Google reviews.

Because even people who have received a word-of-mouth referral to go to a business. Will likely go to the website Google and search that company. And make a decision to purchase from them based on their number of Google reviews they see.