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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Google Reviews | Edmonton CPA


In order to help convince business owners that they should generate Google reviews in their business says Edmonton CPA. These are some of the most frequently asked questions entrepreneurs have about the process.

Business owners need to understand how important this is. Because the number one reason why businesses in Canada fail. Is because they are unable to find enough customers to sell or products and services to.

And while for some businesses, they did not implement any marketing strategy. Which is why they were unable to find customers. But for others, the problem was not a lack of marketing strategy.

It is that what they did to find customers was ineffective. It is why it is very important to understand why the recommendation is to generate Google reviews in the business as quickly as possible.

In fact, Google reviews not only can help a business found by more customers. It can help convince those customers to make their purchase with them and not a competitor.

One of the first questions that business owners have for Edmonton CPA. When it comes to understanding Google reviews. Is does it cost money to create a Google my business listing?

Businesses can create Google my business listings, or a Google places page. They are different names for the exact same thing. And are absolutely free business owners to create.

The next question that business owners often have. Is if they have a Google my business page, or Google places listing. Does that mean customers can start leaving Google reviews?

This is one of the benefits of having a Google my business page says Edmonton CPA. Is it allows businesses to start getting Google reviews from customers.

Not only that, but it will also allow businesses to start getting found in Google search results. In the map listing, which are in between the Google AdWords listings, and the organic search results.

Therefore, having a Google my business page. Can help businesses start being found by customers, when they Google for the products and services that the business sells.

The next question that business owners often have when it comes to Google reviews. Is what is the percentage of customers who are looking at Google reviews?

This is extremely important, because the numbers probably higher than most people assume. 88% of customers look at Google reviews prior to making their purchasing decision.

When not only that, these customers look at Google reviews. Are actually influenced by those reviews in their purchasing decision. Therefore, the more reviews a business owner has, the more favourably they will be looked upon by potential customers.

This is often why business owners are recommended to start generating Google reviews early on. Because it can be very difficult to get to forty Google reviews. Which is why not everybody does not.

But for those who are able to get the minimum threshold of forty Google reviews. Can benefit significantly, not only because they will be able to turn people into customers. Because they will be able to be seen by more people as well.

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Even though many business owners have heard how beneficial Google reviews are for their business according to Edmonton CPA. They do not put as much effort into this as they should. And therefore, are not as able to generate revenue for their business as they could have been able to.

There are many questions that business owners often have. About why they need to get Google reviews. By answering these questions, Edmonton CPA can help encourage more business owners to do this.

One of the first questions that business owners often have when they are thinking of Google reviews. Is why should businesses who generate leads by referral also get Google reviews?

In fact, many businesses do not think that Google reviews are necessary or even beneficial. Because they do hundred percent of their business through customers telling other people about their business.

However, Edmonton CPA says business owners need to know. That no matter how they are finding customers. Those customers are going online to look at the business before they purchase from them.

And that 88% of customers who make purchasing decisions. Will have Google the business before they bought from them. Even when they heard about the business through word-of-mouth.

Therefore, businesses who generate leads by referrals alone. Will be able to close more deals if they had forty Google reviews or more in their business.

The next question that business owners often have. When it comes to understanding why they should generate Google reviews in their business.

Our Facebook, yelp or other review websites a good substitute for Google reviews? In fact, Edmonton CPA says that many businesses think that because they have a lot of Facebook or yelp reviews.

That they do not need to worry about Google reviews. However, this is not true for a number of different reasons. The first reason being Google reviews help with Google analytics.

In helping businesses be found higher up in search engine results. And while Facebook and yelp reviews will show up in the search engine results. They are not going to help increase the ranking.

And that is one of the reasons why business owners will want to have Google reviews. Is so that they can rank higher in search engine results. And get noticed by more potential customers.

So having Facebook and yelp reviews are not dental or mental. But they are not going to help the same way. That having a large number of Google reviews can help a business owner.

So businesses should focus on generating as many Google reviews as possible. And doing this early in their business, to help them find customers sooner.

Getting Google reviews is very important. And should be the first step in a multi faceted marketing plan. So that they do not end up being one of the 42% to fail because they are unable to find customers in their business.