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Frequently Asked Google Review Questions | Edmonton CPA


If business owners heard that there was a free way to generate business says Edmonton CPA. They would jump at the chance to utilize that system.

Which is why they should hear about the importance of generating Google reviews in their business. And how it can help them find more customers in their business.

Entrepreneurs need to keep in mind. That 42% of all entrepreneurs fail in business due to not being able to find enough customers in their business. Making it the number one reason why Canadian businesses fail.

Unfortunately, many business owners make the assumption. That when they are having a revenue problem. That the way to fix it is to cut expenses. Rather than generate more revenue in their business.

Often because that is the employee mindset. And many business owners have spent so much time being an employee. That they think that they are limited to how much money they can earn.

However, this is not the case. And rather than trying to make the expenses work with the revenue that they have. Business owners should change that mindset and generate more revenue in their business.

And they can do this by increasing their marketing activities. And by generating more Google reviews in their business. The reason why Google reviews is so important.

Is because 88% of all customers. Google a business before purchasing their products or services. And look at the number of reviews that they have. To influence their purchasing decision.

The more Google reviews a business has. And the more favourably the business will be looked upon by customers. And the less an entrepreneur has in Google reviews. The more sceptical the customer will be.

In fact, there is a specific threshold that business owners need to have. In order to inspire confidence in potential customers. And encourage them to use their business instead of a competitor.

That threshold is forty Google reviews. Or more. Because under forty Google reviews. Might be seen as easy to obtain. And therefore less likely that those reviews are real.

Whereas forty Google reviews can be seen as quite a bit more difficult to get. And at that point, are not just friends and family anymore. But legitimate customers, reviewing their business.

That is why entrepreneurs should focus on getting forty Google reviews. And Edmonton CPA recommends doing that as quickly as possible when an entrepreneur first opens the doors to their business.

However, business owners still have questions about getting Google reviews. And one of those questions is how many Google reviews should a business get. Once they receive forty business reviews.

Edmonton CPA recommends getting approximately one Google review a month. Because at that number, they will continue to be able to rank higher in Google search engine results.

And it will keep the business as high up in the Google search results as possible. By remaining relevant to customers. Because they are continuing to get Google reviews in their business.

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Many business owners have heard that getting Google reviews is important says Edmonton CPA. But think that they can bypass this. By purchasing ads online instead of getting Google reviews.

The reason why people think this, is because they think they can purchase ads to appear on the first page of Google. And that will be just as important as getting Google reviews in their business.

And while business owners can very easily spend a lot of money on Google ads. In order to get on the first page of Google results.

Getting on the first page of Google using paid for ads. For an entrepreneur has received forty Google reviews or more. Will not necessarily result in getting business.

The reason why, is because an overwhelming majority of customers. Look at Google reviews in order to make their purchasing decisions.

Therefore, even if a business gets on the first page of Google through paid ads. Those customers are going to do the research. In order to find out how many reviews they have on Google.

And if they do not have forty reviews or more. That will factor less favourably for the business. And can result in an entrepreneur spending money, in order to drive traffic. To not get the business.

Another thing that business owners think they can do says Edmonton CPA. And that is spend money on a great website before they get to forty Google reviews. Thinking that will be less important.

Once they have their own website. However, this is not true. Because if they are not on the first page of Google reviews. It is less likely that any customers are going to be able to find them.

And if they cannot be found on the first page of Google. It does not matter how great their website is. There customers are not finding them, or their website at all.

And one last misconception that many business owners have. Is thinking that because they have Facebook reviews and yelp reviews. That those are just as good, if not better than Google reviews.

But this unfortunately is not true. Simply because Google reviews are going to be what helps a person get on the first page of Google search engine results.

As well as most people Google businesses. Which is why Google reviews are so important. And while Facebook and yelp reviews will appear in search engine results.

It is more likely to appear lower down on the search engine results pages. Which means it is harder to see. And more likely customers will miss seeing those reviews.

The most successful way and asking customers to leave Google reviews according to Edmonton CPA. Is simply to ask all customers. And ask often.

Not all customers are going to leave a Google review the first time they are asked. And entrepreneurs need to ensure that they are training their entire staff. Ask all customers.

And by being persistent. Can help business owners get the Google reviews that they need. In order to generate the sales that they needed to stay viable in business.