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Edmonton CPA | Focus on Getting Google Reviews


Google reviews can be very helpful for all businesses says Edmonton CPA. And even new businesses can start getting Google reviews, as soon as they set up their own Google my business page.

Not only is this absolutely free. But it will help business owners immensely. By allowing them to start ranking on the first page of Google search results. Within that the map listings section.

And also, will help them convert people into customers. Because 88% of customers who make purchasing decisions. Will have looked at Google reviews first.

However, business owners need to get to the minimum amount of Google reviews as quickly as possible. In order to benefit from customers seeing their results.

The minimum number of Google reviews that Edmonton CPA recommends entrepreneurs aim for. Is it forty, because at that quantity, customers have a lot of confidence in the business.

Many businesses have pushed back on this advice. Saying that they do not need to get that many Google reviews. Because they do business exclusively through word-of-mouth referrals.

However, Edmonton CPA still recommends these businesses get as many Google reviews as they can. Because no matter how they find customers. Whether it is through online advertising.

Or word-of-mouth referrals, or even flyers through the mail. 88% of all customers will look at a company’s Google reviews prior to purchasing from them.

Which means even businesses that advertise exclusively through word-of-mouth. Will convert more referrals into done business. If they had forty Google reviews for their business.

Another reason why many businesses say they do not need Google reviews. Is because they have a lot of reviews on Facebook or yelp. And while these reviews are not unhelpful.

They are not as beneficial as Google reviews. Because the majority of all customers who are looking for products and services. That they are ready to buy immediately. Are using the Google search engine.

And while Facebook and yelp reviews will appear in Google search results. May not appear close to the top. And are not looked at as often as Google reviews.

Because people will be able to see Google reviews right away when they search for a business. Or search for the products and services that they are looking to buy, and see the businesses Google reviews.

Therefore, even businesses that are very active on Facebook and yelp reviews. Can still significantly benefit from getting Google reviews in their business.

Some customers also think that they are going to be able to bypass the need to get Google reviews. Because they are simply going to buy their way onto the first page of Google.

And they will do this through buying the paid ads. To allow them to appear on the first page of Google search results. And while that is a good marketing strategy eventually.

The reason why it is not beneficial immediately. Is because even though they may drive a lot of traffic to their business. Those customers will still look at a businesses Google reviews before purchasing.

And if that company does not have a minimum of forty reviews. They will drive traffic, who will then go elsewhere for their purchase.

How will I benefit from hiring an Edmonton CPA


There are many things that business owners can benefit from says Edmonton CPA. And getting as many Google views is one of those things.

In fact, the recommendation is for businesses to do this as quickly as possible. For a number of different reasons. That can help them reach more customers and sell more products and services.

One of the first things that business owners need to understand. Is how Google algorithms work to put businesses on the first page of the organic Google search results.

Ultimately, it is figuring out which websites are more relevant to people who are searching. And one of the things that they look for, is the number of Google reviews a business has.

Therefore, the more Google reviews a business has, and the higher they can end up ranking in the search engine organic results. However, they must meet a minimum threshold.

That minimum threshold of Google reviews is estimated at forty says Edmonton CPA. And once they reach that minimum of Google reviews, they will start ranking higher in Google search results.

Another benefit to getting forty Google reviews according to Edmonton CPA. Is that they can start purchasing Google advertising called AdWords for a cheaper rate.

And the more Google reviews that a business can get over forty, will continue to help them rank higher on the search engine results. However it is very important that they realize.

That it is not just total amount of Google reviews that they get. They have to continue to get Google reviews once they reach forty. For the lifetime of their business.

The reason why, is because Google not only considers amount of Google reviews. But the velocity at which a business gets those Google reviews. In order to consider the business as relevant to those searching.

Therefore, Edmonton CPA recommends entrepreneurs have a goal of getting one per month. Once they preached their minimum threshold of forty Google reviews.

The only way that they are going to be able to get to forty reviews, and then keep adding more reviews every month. Is to train their staff to ask every customer.

And to be very consistent and diligent. Business owners might make the mistake of thinking that since they asked customers once. That they are not going to need to contact them again.

But not all customers will leave a review immediately. Which is why an entrepreneur should maintain contact with that customer. Until they leave a review.

Many businesses have actually offered a discount off their final bill. To customers who will leave a Google review before they leave the business. In order to inspire customers to leave reviews.

Whatever the strategy is. Business owners need to have one, communicate that with their staff. And implemented regularly. To ensure that they are going to get as many Google reviews as they can quickly.

Once they have forty Google reviews, not only will they rank higher and Google search results. But they will also be able to convert more people into customers. Because they will have confidence and want the business selling.