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If entrepreneurs are not getting the right advice before they start their business for the first time says Edmonton CPA, they could their business at risk for not being set up properly. That can cause business owners at the very least to not have an efficient tax structure, and to have bank accounts that have been the wrong name. At the very most, run into of the three reasons why entrepreneurs in Canada fail. Those reasons are running out of money, not finding the right customers, and not be able to find the right staff. By getting the right advice from the beginning, entrepreneurs can ensure that their business has the right to structure, and has a plan in place for what they need to do in order to ensure their business is set up in order to beat the odds.

If entrepreneurs do not talk to chartered professional accountants before they set up bank accounts insurance accounts, they can cause problems in their business says Edmonton CPA. If it is decided that it is in the business ownerís best interest to incorporate, if they have set up bank accounts or insurance before incorporating, it will be set up in the wrong name. It may be possible for entrepreneurs to change that name, but more commonly they are going to have to shut those accounts down and open new ones. This is not going to impact a business in a huge way, but it is one way that businesses could waste time and money by not having the right advice first.

The next thing that entrepreneurs often do as their first step instead of getting advice from Edmonton CPA, is by incorporating first. If entrepreneurs incorporate on their own, it may cause them to have an inefficient tax structure. The reason for that is because the articles of incorporation of the business needs to have some specific aspects to them in order to be able to handle the finances of the business in a tax-efficient way. By jumping the gun on incorporating their business before they talk to a chartered professional accountant, may cause a business owner to have to scrap the corporation and paid to have another one started, or they can just keep the corporation they have and have an inefficient tax plan.

Because of these issues, entrepreneurs should understand that a great starting point for entrepreneurs would be to talk to and Edmonton CPA. They can help with structuring their corporation, determining if they need to incorporate or not, creating a business plan, testing the financial readiness of that plan and help them take their first steps into business ownership. A chartered professional accountant is going to be one of that entrepreneur’s best advisors, so they should ensure they are starting the relationship off on the right foot by having them advise them from the very beginning. Once entrepreneurs can do that, Edmonton CPA says that they can significantly avoid the reason why many entrepreneurs in Canada fail.

Because of the importance of hiring and Edmonton CPA when businesses are starting a business, there are several things that they should keep in mind when finding the right chartered professional accountants to help them navigate business ownership. Since half of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail in the first five years of business ownership, entrepreneurs should consider CPA as a way to avoid that failure rate choosing the right chartered professional accountant to hire can be one of the most important for steps that an entrepreneur can take.

One of the first things that business owners should take into consideration when they are hiring Edmonton CPA for their business, is to find one who has public practice experience. The reason why this is so important is that accountants that do not have public practice experience simply have spent the bulk of their accounting life working as one accountant and a large company. Public practice accountants have experience advising hundreds of different entrepreneurs. They tend to have a different mindset as well as different skills needed in advising entrepreneurs.

Something else that entrepreneurs should keep in mind when they are hiring and Edmonton CPA for their brand-new business, is to hire an accountant who does more than just year ends and tax returns. Entrepreneurs should consider that there is more to accounting than just filing their year-end corporate tax return. They should find and accounting firm with experience planning reporting and analysis. The reason this is so important is that statistics have proven that entrepreneurs that have a business plan are 50% more likely to grow their revenue. When hiring an accountant, business owners should ensure that there asking if they have experience in creating business plans. It may be harder to find an Edmonton CPA who does business plans. It is not just enough for an Edmonton CPA to have experience doing business plans, they should find one who has significant experience doing them. A firm who do more than a hundred or more business plans a year will have significant experience in making it effective inefficient for entrepreneurs.

One way that business owners can tell if there CPA is proficient at the business planning, is that they should ask them to see a template or sample business plan. If the accounting firm is not able to give a good sample or provide a template, they probably do not do it enough. Chartered professional accountants who do it and do it well will not only be able to show an entrepreneur, they will typically be very excited to show them and show the process. Since entrepreneurs are going to be spending a lot of time on their business plan, they should deal with and accounting firm that not only does it, it does not well and are excited to help business owners do it efficiently and completely. Since business plans can significantly impact an entrepreneurs success rate in business, this is a very important one to consider